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  1. So that worked. I created a new user account on my Mac and when I used VW it would multiple select. Thanks, But, do you have any ideas for what I should change in my current user to make it work. It has to be some setting that I have changed somewhere. Do I just need to keep digging around to find it? Update: After creating the new user and having VW work I switched back to my old user. Opened VW and Multiple Select worked. I have no idea why it is now working, but it is so I won't question it to much! Thank you all again for helping me get this back up and working! It is one of those tools I just can't live without!
  2. Tom thanks for the suggestion. But that didn't work either. So my issue has got a little odder. I installed a fresh copy of 12.0.1 (still downloading the 12.5.3 update). I haven't deleted my old copy of 12.5 at this point. But, when I open the new copy of 12 the same issue happens. I deleted the VW 12 preferences and that didn't work. Any ideas? I have no idea of what to try next. If the 12.5.3 update doesn't work I am going to try and delete the old copy of Vectorworks. After that I am going to wipe my hard drive and start the computer over from scratch. :-(
  3. First thanks for all the suggestions. I am running 12.5.3 and have restarted the computer. When I am trying to select objects I am in the 2D selection tool. I haven't changed the keyboard in system pref. Or at least were I had looked it didn't seem like I had changed it. So I think I am heading down the road of reinstalling tomorrow. Which makes me really sad. But, I need it to work so so I think thats the way to go. Thank you everyone for the help, Aaron
  4. Hello Everyone, I am having a problem with Multiple Selecting Objects in VW12.5. I have never had a problem for the years I have been working with VW and yesterday it became an issue. When I hold down 'shift' and click on multiple objects it keeps switching from one object to the next. I know the shift key still works because I can nudge a object while holding down 'shift' and an arrow key. I have no idea what to do to fix this. Is their a setting somewhere were I may have shut this off by accident? Or, am I going to have to reinstall VectorWorks and chalk it up to a corrupt program on my Mac? Thank for the help, Aaron
  5. I was wondering if someone knows were I could get my hands on a portable roof symbol. Something like a Mountian Stage roof. Cheers, Aaron
  6. sorry...try this link http://www.landrudesign.com/DefaultFrameSet.htm?JW-LD-VS-05.htm~LandruMnFrm
  7. Landru Design has a good set of audio and video symbols. They also have a great plug in for the video symbols. I use it all the time and love it! http://www.landrudesign.com Look under the downloads link.
  8. I was wondering if anybody has been able to do mid air gobo projection in SL 11. I have turned on the Fog Weather Effect, but I was unable to make to see mid air light. Any Ideas?? Thanks, Aaron
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