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  1. Ah...I see. That's what I've been waiting to hear. I thought it was something with my setup of preferences and whatnot. Thanks Katie.
  2. I entered in all 10 serial numbers and placed the pref file in the proper location. When I log into a machine that has VW on it, it will come up with an error telling me my serial does not match my dongle, do I want to enter more serials. Then, the list is shown and the right serial is in there, but the program won't start until I have deleted the other 9 serials from the list. Oh well, I guess I'll just call about the network license.
  3. I have just installed VW 11 on 10 machines in a 20 machine lab. We have 10 licenses and 10 dongles. Each machine has its own serial and dongle. But, the lab is set up to use Apple's Open Directory on an LDAP server for user logins, thus providing users with a personalized desktop regardless of which machine they log into. When I log in as a network user, I have to enter the serial that corresponds to that machine. If I move to a different machine and login with the aforementioned network account, I have to enter a different serial number. I thought I could get around this by entering in all 10 serials using the Add Serial feature in the preferences, but I am only allowed to start VW when the one valid serial is in the window; all others must be deleted. Is there a way around this without converting to a network dongle? I tried entering more than one serial on a local account and the same thing happened; I have to delete the other serials except for the one that corresponds to the dongle in that machine. The network dongle would actually help me in the long run with installation images, but I want to be sure it is my only option before I set the wheels in motion. 20 Machines are PowerMac G5s, running 10.3.5. LDAP server is a G4, running 10.3.5 Server. Thanx.


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