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  1. To update, as an office, we had a workflow of creating sectional viewports onto design layers and then drafting over these on a separate 2d design layer, then viewporting the section and drafted information onto the sheet layer. This workflow prevents the control of the graphical attributes of the sectional viewport. As of now, we are placing the section cut directly onto the sheet layers. Vectorworks doesn't seem to like viewports within viewports. We have changed our workflow to suit.
  2. Hi there, i'm having some difficulties having control over my drawing. I've created a section cut which is all fine. However, the attributes beyond this section cut are showing as the hatch fill (of that material attribute), I simply want to turn off all fill attributes beyond the section line so I simply just have line-work. I've adjusted the sections with advanced options for this section cut. However, it doesn't seem to adjust anything to do with the fills, only line-work. the 2d Fill option with OIP seems to have no effect. Is there a way of overriding this? I need to maintain this material hatch fill for the stone material as this hatch is needed within plan's, sections etc. Not for elevations or sectional/Elevations. Thanks in advance. Hugo
  3. Hi @Matt Panzer, Appreciate your quick reply. Thank you, that seems to have worked within the stripped-down file I sent across. However, applying the same technique to my working project does work, although there appears to be an underlying issue, to get this to apply to the window directly (Without having to adjust and re-adjust some settings). All the wall styles and components don't have any wrapping parameters attached, this is only being set and changed within the window itself. Is this likely to be a bug/ glitch? or is it something I'm doing with the parameters that is essentially causing my difficulties? Ive attached a video of the issues im experience. Hopefully this helps, I am happy to share the original File with yourself, but for obvious reasons don't wish to upload to this public forum, is there a way of sharing this with you privately? Again, thank you for your quick reply really appreciated. Hugo Video For VW support.mov
  4. Hi there, I've followed and read through this thread but no matter what I do, I just can't seem to get this feature/tool to work. So this is my first time posting as I'm literally ground to a halt. So.. I have wall components snapping to the given heights within the 'Stories' feature. This is working fine. I have placed windows within the walls which are recognised as 'Window in wall'. However, no matter what settings adjust, this just doesn't seem to take hold of what it is I've specified within the wall closure settings at any point. This has been enabled and disabled across all the possible locations (wall styles, wall components, then the plugin style settings, and the individual settings). I have gone through every option individually to see what it could be linked to, but no luck. I set up a blank document and imported the wall style and window, which seems to work sometimes and sometimes not. I have used the window tool to drop a simple VW standard window into place. This also doesn't work. There was one way in which I managed to get the wrapping to work for a brief second but then doesn't work at all. During the writing of this post, I was stripping out the file that is attached. During this, I managed to get this to work again for a brief second;. However, it is now sticking in place, it doesn't seem to have any flexibility, and I can only get this to work on that one window, although it still doesn't want to wrap to insert, only a wall component when I try and insert a new window (the same window) Im back to the start again without this feature working. Surely there has to be a fundamental issue with something that I can't seem to work out. Surely it can't be this complicated? There appear to be many parameters that enable and disable this tool, and I'm not even sure if Vectorworks Support (Wall Closures).vwxis my issue here. Ive spent hours attempting to sort his out, and posting here is my last resort. I have attached my file before to shed some light on the issue, hopefully. I really appreciate any help you can provide. Vectorworks Support (Wall Closures).vwx
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