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  1. The real killer for professional work is the 'Educational Version' banner that gets printed on every page... sort of detracts from the presentation!
  2. I've been using an Educational version of VW10.5 Landmark & Renderworks for a while, but now I'm in practice I'm looking to upgrade. All the resellers (in the UK) I've asked so far have told me that I need to but a new full license - is this really true???
  3. Seconded - I'm trying to produce a decent fly-through for a customer, and the standard Landmark plant symbols just don't cut it. Is anything happening about this?
  4. Apologies if this is a known problem - I have searched around but maybe haven't found the right combination of keywords to show the answer. I've got a drawing containing 3D polygons - the polygons represent a convoluted surface and adjacent polygons meet along the shared edge. When I render this using open gl or fast RW I get the expected results, but final quality RW shows flat plans which do not meet. I've played with mappings and various other options for textures but can't seem to find a solution - any options? Thanks in advance
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