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  1. Hello Every Body, I am wondering if there can be any way to draw such an object with marrionette. just the guidlines would be also enough, maybe we can do a brainstorming. 3d - körper -.vwx
  2. only the Problem here is, when you export the group to IFC, it is taking the IFC Value from the first object in group and the IFC values of the group is not shown.
  3. Hi Marissa, thnak you alot, it will help me Too Much,I really appreciate it . 🙂
  4. @zoomer I think I found the solution, you have to Tag first each object inside the Group with IFC and then you can give another Tag to the Group, just be Carefull that objects inside the group without Tag will be omitted when you export as IFC Data.
  5. excactly, symbol is getting IFC Tag, but group sometimes yes, and sometimes not.
  6. Hi, after creating IFC Taged Objects, i want to Group them but it duplicates 4 times, and after exploding i have 5 objects of each. thanks in advance IFC Taged Objects.vwx
  7. Hi elepp, actually only the Group itself would be enough for me, after Taging the IFC to the Group, I Cannot Export it as IFC Data any more.
  8. Hello, I am not sure if I am Writting in the right Plan, but anyway, does anyone has an Idea about Exporting a group as an IFC Data with some Objects inside. thanks in advance
  9. actually you are understanding me totlly right, this is our problem as landscape architechts, because the whole 3 layers should be considered as a fundament, and i thought maybe I can make them as a group and give only one IFC tag, but as you said it seems to be impossible. something intresting I Realized you can give IFC tag to a symbol with many objects 😞 do you have any object a a marionette Object that you can export it as IFC, if yes could you please send it to me? thanks in advance.
  10. you are totally right, when i am Ungrouping then i can get 4 Objects which all are with IFC Tags, here there is my big wish if i can assign one IFC tag to all 3 Bottom Objects as a group (although I have done in Below example file) , but i wasn't successful with exporting neither Because IFC Export doesn't recognize Groups as well. IFC Marrionette (Group).vwx
  11. Hello Marissa, BIMcollab (free Version) and Solibri. attached you can find the file. IFC Marrionette.vwx
  12. Hello, I am Not sure if there is a way to export a Marionette Object as IFC Object, because after exporting IFC viewer is showing an empty data. thank in advance
  13. Hi Chris, could you provide vw file, maybe i can help you.
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