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  1. Is there a way to set a fixed box for text to fit into and have the text dynamically size into the box versus having the box grow or text wrap?
  2. Were you able to see the issue in the attached file?
  3. I just loaded VW2023 SP1. Problem still exists.
  4. I spoke too soon !!! In the attached file, on the only sheet layer I'm trying to attach Data Tags. Simple Plant ID. In some instances when I hover over the plant I get the red border and can attach the tag just fine. In other cases, I don't get the red border around the plant or plant group and cannot attach a data tag. A third scenario is if I hover over the first plant in a Poly-vertex placement mode, I don't get the red border around the group of plants but I can attach the tag to the first plant in the series. If I select any other plant in the series, no red border and no tag attachment possible. Thanks Bob D&M Stern v2023.vwx
  5. Thanks for the response Nikolay. I hate to say it but the issue cleared up. If it comes back I'll send a file. Bob
  6. Trying to apply a simple "Plant ID" data tag to plants. Works fine in VW2022. In VW2023, works on some plants but on others I get the message of no valid object selected. Its as if the VW2022 plant object is no longer recognized as a plant object once in VW2023??
  7. BobPDX

    Plant data tags

    Hi new user here. Enjoying your new Landmark Essentials tutorial. I ran into this same problem and "Change Plant Grouping" worked but eliminated the line connecting the plants in the group. Data tag is correct with quantity but the connecting line amongst the plants disappeared. Also, on plant insertion using poly vertex mode, sometimes I get the connecting line amongst plants and other times, no connecting line. How do I change that? Thanks much in advance.
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