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  1. I use a single layer or as I call it a drawing board layer at any scale with all details drawn on this and then create a viewport, then crop, then copy that viewport and shift the crop to each other detail that is required, then rescale to suite for each detail. Easy.
  2. Check the class WD-Ceiling is not switched on. This will display the wall lines if it is on. I like the new door tool although I have already asked what happened to the roller door?
  3. You can create these style if you will using a vector script routine abit like pen style or line styles. But a good idea.
  4. If it adds a class in a fresh document without crashing I suggest that it's a corrupt document that's the problem. To fix open a new document use the workgroup references to copy all the layers and classes that existing from the corrupt doc, then delete the WGR but keep the information when prompted.
  5. OIP...Shouldn't it display all of the objects information like its foreground & background colours, or fills, hatches, line style and thickness. Surely this would be more convinient having all in one pallete, wouldn't it? This also would reduce the amount of screen used. I really think it's worth considering? Chris D...right on! [ 01-24-2006, 02:34 PM: Message edited by: jchrist ]
  6. Typical square or rectangular box. Insert windows and doors as anyone would. Fit a mono pitch roof at 5dg on the walls with 750mm overhang. This is on the same layer and class. Select the walls that I want to change and then "Fit Walls to Roof". CRASH!
  7. Why is it that when I use this VW always seems to crash? I want to rake one wall to a mono pitch roof of 5dg. I like the tool, but would like it better if it would work all the time.
  8. I do a work around by editing the ID symbol in the resources pallete.
  9. Problem; When I have finished drawing and attemping to print my saved view to pdf (and not using batch print) the whole of the drawing (all layers) is rescaled. The scale factor is not of any particular figure either. Could this be caused by changing the default printer or changing the printer settings or changing the Printer setup prior to printing in VW's. Any suggestions?
  10. Does anyone have the same problem? When selecting the "Custom Arrow" tool with a sweeping leader line from the Ozcad plugins, the preference buttom does not display/activate the preference pallete. I assume it's Ozcad not running properly. Any ideas out there?
  11. This is great news! Thanks NNA for the fix. Can't wait for future stable update/upgrades.
  12. YEs this would be a good idea. I would think that this is an easy fix. As an additional idea to the tread number where the break should occur have an option of the break to be from the top or bottom of the stairs.
  13. I wonder why NNA are taking so long to responed...is it that they know of the problem and fixing or is it that they dont want to know and cant fix it. I have been using the program since MiniCad and really, nothing like this has ever happened to the degree that not one particular machine is the cause of the crashing. I have even sent an email to tech support at NNA with no response. Dont let all your users hangging NNA...let us know what is going on with this poor upgrade.
  14. Katie, Is there any response from NNA regarding the crashing issues with VW11.5. As I cannot seem to see any within the website. I think a lot of users are getting mift with VW11.5 and will be reverting back to 11.0.1 or 3. Is there going to be any help for this issue?
  15. I wish VW11.5 wouldn't keep crashing.
  16. I to have all these problems VW11.5 users are experiencing. I have a brand new 3.4ghz laptop running XP pro. Prior to updating 11.5 I had no problem at all with crashing. Since updating it doesn't seem to stop crashing. I even unistalled VW's completely and installed from scratch without any improvement. ...So is there a fix?
  17. Use the control key zoom in and out also. I also didnt like it to start with but now cannot do without it. Change is a dredful thing.
  18. Using the offset tool or similar...instead of a popup winodw when selecting the offset distance...have the distance entries along the top of the drawing window as the co-ords are displayed. As for the offset tool this should be done anyway as theres only 2 options for that tool. EASY!
  19. on the layer drop down list would it be hard to display the scale of each layer next to that layer title? this makes it alot easier to see and correct title bar scales when not using the inbuilt title bar system.
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