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  1. Mine problem is worst, we bough to copy of vw11.5 on septemeber, I am in Mexico, and we did this throug an authorized dealer here in my country (IWA consultores), and they send me a dongled copye that they purchased through CADTEC, the Nemetscheck Latin America sales represetative (that is suited on Sao Paulo, Brazil), well, this was on September last year, i ask for a "A" versiono of the software, the senb a "B" version whit a dongle, which was unusuable, they change me that dongle for a new one, but until now (02-14-06), I still dont have the Serial Number!!!, for a previous version!!!, so i have an old version, diferente kind that the one o wish "A", o no serial, no talk about a free upgrade to version 12, it is this fair?, ... i guess not, i email to Nemetscheck USA about these and they told me that they don have control on their sale representatives the world but that they can sale me the Version "A" directly, well, the bad thing it is that we already pay for the software, so i shouldnt doit again. Luis G. [ 02-14-2006, 07:01 PM: Message edited by: Luis ]
  2. this is a log waited wish, i am agree, you must have a polyline as result of a polyline offset, and whit the same kind of vertex, i work whit cnc machinera and have to offset to compense the widht of the tool, so when i have to cut a curved shape it is really uspset, i used to fix this by change the smoothing status on poligons, by changing to no smoothing, the do the offset, and then resmoothin the needed vertex.... comsumpting time task, the bad new is that in VW11 there is a kind of bug in smooting command, cause many time it delete almso all the vertex and the result is an new polygon whit 3 or 4 vertex, just try this and figure yourself: 1.- draw a rectangle and convert it to polygon, take the 2d edit tool and change just one corner vertex type to arc vertex. So you now have a kind of quarter arc polyline. 2.- select the offset tool and offset outside the the polyline, now you have a polygon whit several points (just asking, why the offset tool do this, instead offset the lines just as the arcs they are?). 3.- select the resulted polygon and click edit/smoothing/no smoothing or arc smoothing or wherever 4.- the resulted of this command is a polygon whit 4 points that not represent the final desired shape. This didnot happend in previous versions
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