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  1. Dear Community, I am trying to import a IFC Data Mapping Settings File without using the menue IFC Data Mapping. The SDK provides the function gIFC->IFC_LoadMapSettings(TXString("TestALL")). TestAll.xml is a from IFC Data Mapping exported file. Location is the Userfolder, where all Mapping files are located. The problem is that the function gIFC->IFC_LoadMapSettings does nothing. As return value, I get kVCOMError_NoError, which means the function succeeded. I tried the function also in Phyton-Script. Same behaviour. It seems that it can´t set the imported Data Mapping as the Active Data Mapping (I proved it in the menu IFC Data Mapping). After IFC_LoadMapSettings, I tried gIFC->IFC_SaveMapSettings(TXString("TestA"), "", true), which exports the Active IFC Data Mapping. Also in the export, I see that my loaded mapping is not the active one. How can I set my Mapping File as the active one, without using the menue "IFC Data Mapping"?
  2. I have the same problem and can´t find a solution for that. I tried it in VW19, VW21 and VW22. It is always a text field in my Custom PSet.
  3. Dear Community, is there a way to update a referenced File via SDK or Script? I only found following functions: gSDK->IsObjectFromReferencedFile VS:IsLayerReferenced gSDK->CreateReference gSDK->GetReferencedFilesInfo gSDK->DeleteReferencedFiles I did not find any functions for editing or updating.
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