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  1. hi....i have a 3d vw11 model with many classes and several layers. it's a big file too - 150 MB. i'd like to render the whole model with a grey tone but still have shadows with enough contrast to compliment the shape of the model....when i render with custom renderworks, the shadows appear very flat making the model look flat too.....my custom renderworks settings are: very high, 3d recursion level is 31 (max), shadow mapped (or ray trace - they both give the same results), transparency is on, anti-alias off, nurbs on.... i tried to put two directional lights at arond 30% to try to make it look more realistic....i also added a slight roof tile texture to the surfaces, but it still looks flat.....any suggestions (that will not make the software crash)?
  2. i have about 500 objects in my 3d model....is there an easy way to apply one texture to all of the objects perhaps using the object info window? VW11.0 OSX 10.2.8
  3. i have about 500 objects in my 3d model and i want to apply one texture to all the objects.....is there an easy way to apply the texture with one click perhaps in the object info window? VW11.0 OSX 10.2.8
  4. oh ok i guess i have never extract surfaces before...is there a tool that does that function?
  5. hi how do you apply more than one texture to only one object?
  6. i'm using VW 10.5.1 on OSX10.3.... sometimes when i substract 3d solids or when i am just working in 3d views, an object will disappear in wireframe and in rendered perspective...it is usually an extruded object that has had other solids subtracted from it.... the only solution i have done is redrawing the objects but that is tedious and a waste of time.. can anybody help me?
  7. Katie, there is no mapping button in the object info window when i select an object...i also made sure that i wasn't selecting multiple objects while i was doing this.... also, i can't download VW 11...i am having problems with that....is there a rotate slider in VW 10.5.1? Geraldine
  8. How do you flip a texture horizontally/vertically?
  9. I am using OS10.3 and WAS using vectorworks 10.0.1 when the problems occurred.... I have been doing a detailed 3d model using one layer and multiple classes.....only now am i having problems with disappearing objects which have been extruded and have had other objects subtracted from them.....not only do they disappear, but large rectangles take their place.... Vectorworks said it might be a corrupted file or the version of vw wasn't completely compatible with the panther OS...the guy hadn't heard of that problem before so maybe someone else can help?? please?
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