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  1. Hi reem, You may want to read my recent post regarding height and spread. It may answer questions you have about the size display and worksheets. Cant help with the catagory as I havent used it in my worksheets. I will try and find time to investigate. (I have a bee in my bonnet regarding how the worksheets work wrt plant lists) cheers james
  2. Further to my previous posting (in fact you could ignore it. I have completed further analysis and now believe I have worked out the behavior of the Spread and Height attributes, it would be greatly appreciated if you could confirm or otherwise my findings. Set Default Plant Tool dialog --------------------------------------- The spread indicates the size of the symbol on the screen. This is the same spread that is shown on the Shape and Data tabs of the Obj. Info. pane. i.e. change this value on the Shape tab and the object size changes on the screen. (NOTE: doesn't change size when you alter the value on the Data tab) Define Plant dialog -------------------------- The height shown here is also indicated as the Height value on the Data tab of the Obj. Info. pane. Change this value and heights change for ALL plants already placed. For the spread on this dialog, all I have determined is that the value has no connection with the spread on the Set Default Plant Tool dialog. The Worksheet --------------------- When reporting in the worksheet on spread and height I get the following. ='Plant Record'.Height This is the height shown on the Define Plant dialog. ='Plant Record'.Spread This is the spread shown on the Set Default Plant Tool dialog. I would like to use the Height and Spread from the Define Plant dialog as indicative mature sizes for the plant. I am able to get the Height reported correctly, but not the spread. How can I report on this Spread? Have I discovered a bug?
  3. Hi, I am trying to understand the behaviour of the spread value for plants in; 1. the worksheet 2. the Define Plant dialog 3. object info (data tab) My issue is that the value changes unexpectedly. I will try to give a simple example. - Place plant with the Define Plant dialog atribute Spread = 1000 - Generate a worksheet that contains the spead attribute. The value = 700 (dont know why) - Click on plant and inspect Spread in Obj. Info. Spread = 700 (same as worksheet) - Change the Spread in Obj. Info. to 1200 - Recalculate worksheet, Spread changes to 1200 (hooray!) - Check Spread value in Define Plant dialog by selecting the following. AEC>Plants>Edit Plant Catalog, highlight the plant and click Edit The spread shows as 1000 (unchanged) - change nothing and click OK. - Recalculate worksheet and the value has returned to 700. - Click on the plant and cjheck Obj Info, value = 1000. Thats it, I hope it is clear. NOTE: Heights seem OK. Unfortunatly this behaviour has forced me to NOT include spread and height values on my project plans. Has anyone else experienced this...it is driving me crazy. thanks jpd1009
  4. Hello, Referring to a recent post by 'toonau' I stand corrected with my findings. The Spread value is displayed in the worksheet as the one in the Set Plant Tool dialog and NOT the value shown on the Define Plant dialog (as I would have expected) The Height is displayed as the Appearance Height value from the Define Plant dialog multiplied by the plant quantity. James
  5. Hi Toonie, I have looked at my stuff and I half agree with you. Item 1 I dissagree with, there is NO multiplication applied, item 2 I agree with. I raised a bug on this so I will email the tech guys the latest findings and update my post for the moderator. thanks James
  6. Hi Toonie, This may be related to my recent posts. I thought I was getting random values but maybe I need to investigate more. I'll let you know. It will be interesting to see what the VW support guys say. I am currently waiting on a response. -James
  7. Hi Robert, I refer to my recent post topic. "Plant List - erroneous data" I have added a couple of updates to this topic that may be of help with your analysis. cheers -jamesd
  8. I have done further investigation. I created a new file and get much the same problem. The header values for the "problem" columns are: ='Plant Record'.'Scheduled Size' ='Plant Record'.'Spread' ='Plant Record'.'Height' I was eventually able to populate Scheduled Size correctly so I think my earlier report saying it did not work after a refresh was due to the fact that I did not select every instance of the plant in that particular file. The simple file I created here initially showed a blank Scheduled Size but after a refresh on all instances of the plants the recalculate worked. Height and Spread are still showing values different to the Define Plant values.
  9. No, for all plants that are affected this option is unselected. For scheduled Size the field is not populating for a couple of plants. For Height and Width the values for some plants are not what is shown in the define plant dialog. In some cases the values are OK. I can get the Weight and Width values to change, but not every time I apply a change. I am still changing the data to see if I can see a pattern. (there is none obvious) Maybe you like see the file?
  10. Hi Peter, Your suggestion was correct, i killed the lineweight and it has gone. It was a first attempt at viewports and I didnt understand that the veiwport had such attributes. Thanks for your help. James
  11. Hi, Thanks for your help. I have tried your suggestion, but have seen no change to the data when I recalculate the plant list. What I did was: 1. Select a plant, change an attribute (in this case the line type) and returned the change th the original setting. This appeared to apply a refresh to the plant twice. 2. Recalculate the plant list. cheers James
  12. Hi, When printing a viewport to PDF a border is printed that represents the extents of the viewport. Can this be turned off? thanks James
  13. Hi, I have been editing data in a plant list and what I change "sometimes" changes correctly, and "sometimes" puts in different values. Detail ------ Height, Spread and Scheduled Size are the fields I am having problems with. I will edit the data via the Define Plant dialog for the above mentioned, save and then when I open the plant list and recalculate either the data doesnt update or it changes to a different value. I is quite frustrating as this behaviour is only occuring with a couple of the plants. I am now in the process of replacing the plants from scratch to see if there is a problem with the data. I am not sure what my question is, maybe just...help! thanks JamesD PS: I am running VW 11.0.1 on XP.
  14. sorry robert i have just discovered how to do this i guess my real question is how do you set the default test values for the plant tag (also for other object text tags) prior to placement cheers jamesd
  15. how is this done? i am about to give up looking thanks again jamesd
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