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  1. Hello, We recently received the educational version of VectorWorks and are now getting around to installing it on a classroom of seven iMacs running Big Sur. We install the software under and Admin account, register/authorize it with a per device license key. Everything appears to go fine under the Admin account. However, when a user then logs in and attempts to use the software they are met with an alert saying there are no valid serial numbers associated with the device. This doesn't work in our environment and we certainly don't want our students to know our license numbers. Is there something that can be done to make the license available across the device (we assumed it would be for the device, not the user)? We're in a bit of a crunch time as we weren't anticipating such issues and our classroom is scheduled to come on line Nov 9th. Thanks in Advance, Craig
  2. Creating a new post for our issue.
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