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  1. I do remember having downloaded the upgraded libraries just after installing VW2023, as @Dave Donley signalized. This could be somehow related.
  2. Yeah my first thought was related to my GPU as well. I can't think about anything else that I did other than rebooting. If something comes to mind I let you know.
  3. Took me about two hours today to realize that VW2023 is working normally without grayed out Shaded Options today. I have no idea what was the difference from yesterday to today. Only thing I can think about was rebooting the computer. I installed VW2023 yesterday and started using right away, without rebooting. Maybe it needed to refresh something. Just leaving this post here in case someone stumble upon this later on.
  4. I can't figure out why Shaded Options are grayed out on VW 2023. It's available and working in VW2022. Any ideas? Windows 11 GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop Ryzen 5 5600H Thanks!
  5. Now that's a service... thanks Marissa. I may actually be able to sleep earlier than I thought on a Sunday night work here. So much thanks. 🥰
  6. @Parag I do not think this is a hardware problem, as I did not change any hardware and the problems had gone away after Service Pack 2. I can try opening your file and move things around for you to try to induce the error. As for plugins, the only third party plugin I have is Import Mosa Pattern Cheers.
  7. Well... just wanna exposed my problem/solution as well. I made a new tile from scratch. For that I made two classes: Tile-Components-Texture and Tile-Components-Grout My polygon that received the tile fill was under Tile-Main Tile-Main was set to visible in my viewport classes. Yet, Tile-Components-Texture and Tile-Components-Grout were not visible. In my viewport I could see the tile just like if all classes were visible. However, after exporting I could not see anything from this tile. They just did not appear. Therefore, make sure the classes from actual objects that you used to create your tile are visible in your viewport. Cheers.
  8. And here I am another 6 years later to give you a response. 😃 After all, I finded myself making the extrusion you suggested second and adding to the wall as wall projection. We dont need the finish schedules for this, so I it seemed much simpler to just do it like that. With these big tiles, nowadays, we end up counting them manually as the area does not garanteed us the correct tile amount due to cutting losses. In some cases, we have been simply making the extrusion and making auto-hybrid just to get the proper visualization we want on plan view. Seems more straightforward for small projects, as ours. Thanks, @Ron Kwaske
  9. Sorry for the late reply. After SP2 things seems to be fixed for me. I do not have any third party plugins. Only thing I had was a few plugins to restore saved views with a simple command like such. VRestore('SV_GroundLevel'); They worked fine. Maybe I have switched names on the saved views and the plugin did not found the proper name. The thing is that it seemed quite random. Maybe related to some memory cleanup. I really couldnt find the reason behind it. But for me it was fixed. Thanks.
  10. Hi, there! So I am 6 years late to this thread! Here I am wondering what would be the recomended workflow whenever there's a wall that has tiles in the bathroom and plaster+paint in the bedroom. I feel like simply splitting the walls and replacing with a new wall style with tiles. However, it does seems to come with a cost later on in case I need to move my walls. In addition, would you create a new wall style for every tile texture in the project? Say I have 10 different tiles in the project 😁, should I duplicate my wall styles to each one of them? Seems cumbersome, but could be handy later on worksheet schedules... Looking forward to suggestions. Thanks, Luiza!
  11. Hello! Within VW 2022 I am having this annoying error showing up and crashing VW. It happens both before and after SP. Running on Windows 10 64. VW 2022 updated with SP - Build 614805. It happens very randomly... Sometimes it just crashes, but usuaIly this message appears before it happens. There is not a particular scenario that I could figure out, but it seems to be related to Organization Tab. At least it seems to happen more often while I have it active. Perhaps it could be related to the file itself. If so, I could post the file here in case it can help us figure out what is going on, as it gets really disturbing sometimes. Thanks in advance. Luiza.
  12. Hello, everyone! Maybe someone has a nice trick to help me out with this one. 😃 Please have a look below. 1 - I have a Design Layer called Terrain - Model and this Design Layer has Enabled Cut Plane Elevation Set to 150cm. 2 - This DL - Terrain - Model contains an Auto Hybrid with a Generic Solid inside to represent my proposed terrain. 3 - This setup works perfectly for my Ground Plan, where I activate ground level story-based DLs and I get this sweet grass vs soil combination. 4 - On my Upper Floor Plan I want to have my DL Terrain - Model as background. However, the Auto Hybrid section plane elevation should be higher in order to show me grass in the backyard. 5 - What I came up was to override the Section Plane Elevation inside my viewport layer properties. This is not possible cause it is Grayed out 🤔. If I could enable it and set it to 450cm it would work perfectly! I am probably missing something and there might be muck better workflows. So I am accepting any suggestions. Thanks in advance! Luiza.
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