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  1. Is this information still correct as of Vectorworks 2021? Have there been any changes to rendering modes that might leverage a faster GPU these days?


    This chart definitely answers questions that I have had about Vectorworks for many years, especially every time I started using a computer with a faster graphics card.


    Thanks in advance for any accurate reply...





  2. On 12/18/2019 at 2:25 PM, Clint Alderman said:

    Hi Tech Staff.


    Can you provide an update for the recommended Nvidia Control Panel settings for Vectorworks?

    The above list is over three years old and some setting options are now different than described. 


    There should be an updated list by VW version, or perhaps when Nvidia releases a Control Panel update. 




    I second this suggestion. It would be very helpful if Vectorworks could provide a bit more specific information about leveraging the GPU with Nvidia settings. I'm sure the same would go for AMD graphics cards as well.




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