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  1. Since installing VW11.5 the callout doesn't seem to be working - when the text box comes up there are no buttons available to close it - the only option seems to be a force quit and start again. Am I missing something?? VW11.5 MAC OSX 10.3.8
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. mclaugh - I tried your ideas with little, if any, improvement. Panther Cache Cleaner looks like a useful piece of software. klaus - thanks, I thought I was alone! File sizes are typically 20-30mb, I'm going to install VW on a G3 OS9.2.2 today to see if there's any improvement. RHF - I replaced the hard disk (160gb) and re-installed everything this week - no change. itunes is not open when I use VW. leonard - I'd also like to hear if there is any improvement in VW11 before investing. Thanks again - must get back to the drawing board!
  3. I've followed the discussion on slow performance in Mac OSX - I'm also suffering since upgrading to 10.3. Re-draw is painfully slow, the flyover and translate view tools (I use these more frequently than almost any others) are almost impossible to use, rendering times are glacial. I've got a G4/533 with 1.25gb ram VW 10.5.1 + Renderworks Mac OS 10.3.4 I've run Disk Utility and Norton Speed Disk - Norton Anti Virus hasn't detected anything unpleasant. Any ideas? I'm desparate to get on with some work!
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