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  1. Hello, I tried to get VRML Exports out of a Vectorworks drawing. But each file I tried to export has 0 Bytes and opening on Explorer is not possible! What do I wrong during Export? Can anyone help me? Thank you. Kind regards, Skyfox01
  2. Hi, if I open a file, i got the following message: This is an unrecognized file. It may be a VW File created with a newer version, it may be a very old MiniCAD file,it may have been created by another application,or it may be corrupted by hardware or system error. Does that mean this file is damaged? Because it was drawn on the same PC a few days before! THe used version is 11.5.1. If it is really damaged - is there any known way to repair it? Thanks for your help! Kind regards, Martin
  3. Hi, if I enter the code below I got an unexpected result. It looks like a bug in the program! please Enter the code and try to draw it ... Use a point Object! Procedure Test; var hd :array[1..3] of handle; Begin arc(1690,910,-130,-910,180,-65); hd[1]:=lnewobj; arc(1430,650,130,-650,180,-65); hd[2]:=lnewobj; clipsurface(hd[1],hd[2]); hd[3]:=prevobj(lnewobj); delobject(hd[2]); End; Run(Test); If you are making the band smaller, VW doesn't draw anything! The problem occures only within Angles around 60 degrees! Is there anyone, who can help me to solve this problem? I need this very urgent! Thank you. Kind regards, Skyfox!
  4. Sorry - I am copy objects not files!
  5. It is not very stable! I have crashes when I copy Files from one plan to another one! On 11.0.1 the same proces works fine!
  6. Hi, we are working since August last year with Vectorworks. We use Version 11.0.1 and the system works fine. With begin of last week I started to install the update 11.5 to some of our systems. And now the systems with 11.5 become more instable. One example: Copying some parts from one plan to another one let the system 11.5 crash, on 11.0.1 it works fine! Any ideas what's happen? We are currently using Windows 2000 and Basic version of Vectorwork.
  7. That is the one! Thank you Jonathan.
  8. Hello, I have only one question. How can I fix the Attributes (Fill Style) to none in a PIO. To fix the color works with SetFillBack, but I couldn't find the style! Thank you !
  9. Hi Charles, That is exactly what i am searching for! Thank you! There is another open point for me. I hope you as an expert can help me to solve my problem. I want to draw two ARCs like: ArcByCenter(0,0,65,0,90); ArcByCenter(0,0,100,0,90); and then I want to use 'CLIP SURFACE' to cut the ARCs and delete the interior part of them. For using the Clip surface order I need to know what S1 an S2 should be! Thank you!
  10. Hello, Is it possible to set more records in one Object. My problem is, that i want to draw 4 rectangels, group them in 2 and 2 Rectangels and set to the first Group a record in DB1, to the second group of rectangels an entry in DB2. The last step in the script shall to set another entry in a third database DB3. I have no problem to set an entry to a whole Object, but I never had success to set an DB entry to Group below the Object. Does anyone know how to handle the scripts? All helping responses are welcome! Thank you!
  11. Thanks Katie, to change the hardware acceleration 2 points below max. solve the problem. But if we plan to change the grafic card - do you have a kind of compatibility list for Grafic card and Vectorworks, because we want to buy the right card.
  12. Diamond Fire GL2 V1.04 (ATI) Driver 512.2195.2088
  13. Hi Katie, On the first problem, I did a new installation, after cleaning the registry - now it works! But on the second Problem did already updating the Drivers for the Graphiccard - no success! Do you have other tips?
  14. Hello, last week our Company bought a couple of licences VW11. During installation and working with the program, there are coming up 2 different problems: 1. On my PC (OS W2k) I installed the program last week on Monday. It works one week without any problems. Since Monday one week later I had no chance to start VW again! There are coming up 3 different failure types during start up: * after showing the startup logo, and building up the VW desktop, it closes automaically, without any failure message. * or after showing the startup logo, and building up the VW desktop, there is coming a failure message like you are not allowed to write in address xxxxxxx * or after showing the startup logo, and building up the VW desktop, there is coming up a failure message like Runtime failure in C++ runtime libary. 2. the other failure is also shown on a PC (W2K) but it looks like a kind of grafic problem. If you move objects around in the page or if you move the page up and down, the refresh of the screen is not working, and the drawing shows the objecs on the new and the old position on the screen. Could you help me to correct this problems?? Many thanks!


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