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  1. 29 minutes ago, astephens said:

    Yes, that's correct. I was setting up and testing vectorworks to get that laptop ready for another employee. I erased the hard disk and did a clean install of 14.4.1 and then downloaded a new copy of vectorworks. I realize now that I did all of that testing while not hooked up to an external display. That said, the recipient of the M2Max laptop has been using it for several days, with an external display, and has reported no issues.


    Also, in case it's relevant, I use a thunderbolt connection to my external monitor. That was the case for the M2 Max and the new M3 Max laptop.

    Thank you for confirming and mentioning the cable usage.  I seem to recall in various Internet threads (not just Vectorworks), that cables for displays and other accessories were the source of their various problems.

  2. 15 minutes ago, astephens said:

    OP here. Just wanted to give an update. I finished the workweek on the older OS and then over the weekend I erased my laptop again, did a clean install of Sonoma and then reinstalled vw from a new download. My system has been working ever since then. I wanted to confirm that I use an external monitor (Samsung M8) as an extended display.


    I also had a new M3 Max MacBook on order that arrived in the middle of my dealings with the machine from my original post. It arrived with 14.4 installed. I got it set up and working and after a few days (and a Time Machine back up!) I went ahead and did the update to 14.4.1. That system is also working well, with the minor exception of a zoom/ vw issue that very occasionally causes zoom to crash when screen sharing vw.

    This was prior to the announcement from Vectorworks advising users not to update. The new machine is working well, but I also have a backup that can restore to the previous OS version if I run into any more issues.

    Just to confirm, your original system has been updated to 14.4.1 also, with no issue thus far?

  3. Just now, bjoerka said:

    Correct. When i directly go into the page setup, there are only standard page sizes available for the Canon printer.

    Didn´t recognize this...

    The Page Setup command in Vectorworks isn't ours, we just call the command from the OS.  It's no surprise Vectorworks and TextEdit have the same issue.  I've seen the same in Adobe Acrobat, if you choose, "Page Setup" from within the Print dialog.

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  4. 1 hour ago, bjoerka said:

    Hi Gunther, that looks different to what i see when i select our Canon large format printer.

    In TextEdit i can select all page sizes that are available for the Canon printer.

    In Vectorworks i only see what is available as if you print to a standard printer or i.e. pdf writer.


    page setup in Apple´s TextEdit




    page setup in Vectorworks...




    Your screen capture for Apple´s TextEdit, looks like you went to the Print command.  What if you select the Page Setup command, do you still see the expansive list or a reduced list?

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  5. 2 hours ago, bjoerka said:

    That is what Marc Wittwer in Switzerland also said.

    But in my german localized version of Sonoma all Apple application show the paper options for our Canon large format printer .-)


    Here's what I'm seeing on a Apple M1 Mini with TextEdit.  Regardless of printer, Page Setup shows the same page options.  When you go to the Print command, you'll see the Epson printer offers a much larger selection of page sizes.  This large list of page sizes should also be available in Page Setup.  Perhaps it's only some printer manufacturers having the issue?



  6. 12 minutes ago, bjoerka said:

    also caused by mac os sonoma from 14.4 on is the fact the certain page sizes for large format printers are not available in the printer page setup dialog...




    the thread in the german vwx forum...


    We have reported this issue to Apple.  We are also seeing the same issue with Apple's own TextEdit application.  

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  7. On 4/5/2024 at 8:20 AM, Kees W said:

    This happened to me too. With VectorWorks running, the Mac becomes completely unresponsive to mouse input. However, keyboard shortcuts still worked. Save and quit command worked, but even mouse input in the save-as window was not possible. The issue is system wide. Opening Terminal and force reboot from prompt was the only way short of a hard shutdown to get back in the os.

    I think it may somehow be related to password prompt after waking the screen. Disabling that seemed to prevent the issue from occurring. No other application induced this behavior. This was with 14.4. After reinstalling the entire OS (I still have password prompt off) the problem hasn't reoccured. Since updated to 14.4.1 without issue.

    Your observation of crashes happening after waking the screen, seems to mesh with this discussion:


  8. On 2/29/2024 at 8:59 AM, Bruce Kieffer said:

    I often see two tool icons highlighted. I assume it's a bug.

    We have one bug report on this issue.  Unfortunately, another one I've been unable to duplicate or see in house.

    Do you use any kind of app/utility that handles shortcuts or similar?  This is an old reference, though years ago, for example, the utility QuickKeys, use to cause problems with Vectorworks.

  9. Anyone here having seen this issue, on a desktop Mac with a single display or even multiple displays?  Reviewing the reports we have in-house, best I can tell, those with laptops are reporting the problem.  I'd like to better our chances of duplicating using the common hardware.  I've been testing this off/on all week on macOS 14.4 beta, Mac Mini M1, with two displays and still nothing...

  10. 18 hours ago, twk said:

    Hmm, this was for 2023 before 2024 came out correct?


    Has anyone got the free promo to work? it isn't clear in the customer portal.

    It says click promo code, but that just takes you to a help file location on loggin in. No promo code provided.



    @Gunther any idea how to test this?

    Cheers and happy new years!


    @twkWhen you click on the, "Get Promotion Code" button, the following is returned:    get-autoturn.vectorworks.net   once you've created an account, I suspect this is your promotion code.  You should also receive an email with the promotion code.

  11. Interesting, one of my original approaches was to enter the extrude and run Simplify Poly, using 0 as a value which reduced the vertices from 105 to 104, though still no luck with the Deform Tool.  Must have been the Polyline to Polygon conversion that helped restore some functionality? 

  12. You could try using the Extract tool to extract the surface of your existing fish (or convert the original polyline into a NURBS Surface (Model > 3D Power Pack > Create Surface from Curves).  This leaves you with a NURBS surface.  Use the Deform Tool on the NURBS surface to reach the desired shape, then use the Shell Tool to add a thickness.

    It appears there's an issue handling the current shape of the fish in your file with the Deform Tool and I will report to our engineers.

  13. 12 hours ago, twk said:

    It was floated around before, when vectordepot was disbanded (anyone remember that treasure trove? 😁)

    I've always wondered why the forum resources page didn't get the same treatment the marionette sub-forum got. It's basically got everything you need for any sharing capabilites.

    - Whats New

    - Categories

    - Ratings


    I mean, the marionette sub-forum page should basically allow any shareable vectorworks resource to be uploaded.


    I should probably wishlist this @Gunther?



    @twkPlease go ahead and submit.  Be sure to reference this thread and I'll reference the internal discussion we're having on the topic.  Thanks!

  14. On 3/1/2023 at 10:32 AM, GatRed said:

    yeah, maybe…

    But I didn’t see any notification of this regression (as it worked in Vectorworks 2022).

    Does anybody from Vectorworks can confirm that ?


    Confirmed not working in 2023 as reported on Intel UHD graphics also and reported as a bug.  This hardware also doesn't meet our 2GB minimum VRAM requirements, so I'm not sure how much attention this issue will receive, regardless if it worked in 2022.

  15. 6 hours ago, Leif Dixon said:

    Have you found a solution to this? I am still running VWX-2019 but with Monterey on an Intel MacBookPro and the dialogs are killing me. The "save as" window is 4-5x the width of my display and I cannot resize it small enough to fit. And disconnecting the external monitor didn't make any difference. In fact it's probably worse. 

    Vectorworks 2019 is not fully compatible with macOS Monterey.  The dialog width issue was resolved by Apple with the macOS 12.1 update and requires using Vectorworks 2021 SP5 or higher.  


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  16. 10 hours ago, Lisar said:



    Please explain what is meant by a 'customer install'.


    Also is the below the driver you installed for the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with Max Q Design?


    GeForce Game Ready Driver

    Version:517.48  WHQL

    Release Date:2022.9.27

    Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11

    Language: English (US)

    File Size:787.63 MB


    I'm currently running NVIDIA Driver Version, Driver Date: 8/2/2022, Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher.


    Do I need to download and install the DirectX file you noted above as well.


    Sure don't want to mess around with updates that aren't going to remedy the existing problems and/or create more.


    Also have VW set to work solely with the NVIDIA driver.  Is that as it should be?


    Thanks in advance



    The request to have DFlores install the DirectX file I supplied, was only an attempt to correct the incompatible plug-in message seen on launch of Vectorworks 2023.  This is DirectX, as it relates to, "DirectX - Export Unreal Datasmith Support" inside Vectorworks.  For some reason, these files are not installing on DFores' computer.

    In regards to the NVIDIA driver, the image I shared was to only show how to perform a clean driver install.  You can ignore the driver version in the image.   If you're having graphical issues or experiencing the blue screen in Vectorworks or outside of Vectorworks, it could be graphics card driver related?  If you were to download the latest driver from NVIDIA and install, during the process you are given the option for, "Express" or "Custom" install.  If you choose, "Custom" install, there is a checkbox for, "Perform a clean install".  This is the route I usually take, when updating/installing a NVIDIA driver.   Checking NVIDIA's site, it appears the most recent driver available for your video card, English US was released on 2022.11.16, version 526.98.


  17. On 11/27/2022 at 12:36 PM, Lisar said:

    DFlores and Gunther,


    if you find the fix for the crashing and the blue screen, please share. I had a short session when all seemed to be in order then another random crash when trying to share a file on google meet. Then it just kept randomly crashing again on simple tasks. Wondering if I should do the service pack 1 update or if I’m going to need to reinstall everything.

    Reinstalling the NVIDIA video driver, by performing a customer install, then choosing the, 'clean installation' option seems to have helped Dflores with his blue screen encounter.  However, Vectorworks was still experiencing a crash, which seems related to generating or working with site model objects, still investigating.

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