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  1. It would be great to build 1 symbol, let's say a 3D - 1G LV box, and have it auto-populate the annotative layer of a viewport with a 2D annotative symbol that is a particular paper size, no matter the scale of the viewport. Sometimes you may have different annotations that need to show in the same physical space (e.g. a 1G LV box AND a 1G receptacle that might be within 12" of the 1G LV box). In this case two viewports perhaps that show the 2D annotative symbol, or if the scale is zoomed in enough, they could be within the same viewport. I think Revit electrical symbols for example tie the annotative symbol to a 3D object in the model.
  2. It would be great if the layout formatting could be dynamic and not just the text field. We could have a border around a field with a background fill that might grow with the text. Also, where the data tag is designed to show rows and columns, if that borders and fill would only show up on cells that have text information, or rows that have text information. This would be useful for things like Conduit Call outs. Some call outs only have 1 row (1 conduit) and some have 4 rows (4 conduits).
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