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  1. Thank you. I also have a selection consisting of groups of objects. I would like to create rectangles around the individual groups of objects (not every single object). How would I do that?
  2. I am trying to draw rectangle around bounding box of selected objects. See script below: PROCEDURE GroupBB; VAR X1,Y1,X2,Y2:Real; H1:HANDLE; BEGIN H1:=FSActLayer; WHILE (H1 <> NIL) DO BEGIN GetBBox(H1,X1,Y1,X2,Y2); AlrtDialog(Concat(GetTypeN(H1),' - ',X1,' - ',Y1,' - ',X2,' - ',Y2)); Rect(X1,Y1,X2,Y2); H1:=NextSObj(H1); END; END; Run(GroupBB); However, the script starts an infinite loop. What is wrong?
  3. Thank you for your assistance @MullinRJ. I will live with the dialog for now.
  4. How would you integrate the function ImportImageFileN() in below script? I want to prevent the dialog, which pops up everytime the vs.DoMenuTextByName('Convert Copy to Lines',0); is passed. import vs def ListEachObject( C ): outList = [] def AddToList( h ): outList.append( h ) vs.ForEachObject( AddToList, C ) return outList for h in ListEachObject( '((VSEL=TRUE))' ): vs.DSelectAll(); vs.SetSelect(h); vs.DoMenuTextByName('Convert Copy to Lines',0);
  5. Sorry about missing information. It is exactly 3D objects in 3D view I am converting with a python script. Is it possible to answer the dialog from the script? I am using VW 2021. Or maybe override the dialog with some kind of presetting?
  6. Is it possible in the vectorscript to answer the prompt box, which apears everytime the procedure DoMenuTextByName('Convert Copy to Lines', 0) is passed?
  7. How do I run the command "convert copy to lines" of selected objects in a script?
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