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  1. Hi All, Struggled with this issue in previous versions of VW, not just V2012. When a single DWG is imported most of the drawing goes directly to the Sheet Layer, and is thus un-editable. Can't copy and paste it out of the Sheet Layer, my old work around. Bits and pieces go to the Design Layer, but not the entire drawing. Am I missing something in the import settings? Is this a preset condition from the DWG's creator? Any help is greatly appreciated. Best, N Version: LANDMARK V2012 OS: MAC OS X 10.5.8 RAM: 9 GB Processor Type: DUOL-CORE XENON INTEL
  2. Yikes, searching for "creating gradients" in VW help did not produce a result. So, how do you customize gradients? Thanks all.
  3. Are there any? Any outside sources? Much thanks.
  4. Thanks for your help Pat. Regarding the DWG import, I have the PDF file of the drawing with the scale on it. And so, as usual, I set the scale to that size when importing. With earlier versions of VW this method worked fine, but with 2008 no luck. I think I need to phone tech support and have them walk me through the import process with this one. Thanks again, Nick
  5. OK, figured that part out. Selecting the objects is the trick. Duh! But about the copy and paste part. Any thoughts? The whole problem is the DWG import, I am simply trying to over come that fiasco. Thanks once again, Nick
  6. Sorry, found it. OK but there is no way to edit it, it is grayed out with any option of scaling. ???
  7. Thanks for your timely reply Pat. 1.) OK, are we talking about the Layer Scale dialog box? Does that effect the "scale object" command? And oddly enough, that command seems to effect the objects if they are selected or not. 2.) Both drawings are at 1/4"= 1' scale but when I copy one drawing into the other, the objects are sized are much larger. Thanks again, Nick
  8. Howdy All, 1st Question: The "scale objects" command seems to scale everything in all layers, even if they are not show/snap/modify. What am I doing wrong? 2nd Question: I have two separate drawing in the same scale, but when I copy/paste one into the other, the size of the objects doubles on one of them. Weird and extremely frustrating! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Wait, I think I got it! Thanks again, Nick
  10. Thanks for the tip. The resource browser will not let me select jpeg or pict files, what next? - Nick
  11. Any clues out there as how to change an image fill from one source image to another. I seem to be stuck with one image only. Much thanks!


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