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  1. your active layer is differnt than the layer of the objects ypu are trying to render/change view
  2. www.3dcafe.com has all sorts of models None are awesome, but it's a start for you
  3. I've found if I zoom in and out, text etc on viewport annotations appears.
  4. Thanks for all your help everyone. That worked a treat!
  5. Hi All I'm using viewports to show the 4 elevations of a house. I have a single light casting shadows, whichlooks good on 3 of the elevations, but of course the last elevation is almost completely in shade. I don't want a realistic shadow model, I just want to fake the shadows o all four elevations. Ideally, I would turn a differnt light active in each viewport, the other 3 being turned off. And I just had a idea...if I put each light on a different class, then use class visibilites to control per viewport. I'll let you know
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