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  1. We have just changed to using Kyocera MFD printers. Since then we are having issues when someone tries to print it crashes vectorworks. We have rebuilt profiles on the PC but still get the same issue. Has anyone come across this type of issue? Thanks
  2. I've had to resort to swapping round base units with someone else. This has worked for a couple of days now. Just hope I don't get the issue again.
  3. Thought I had done that. Think it should be ok now. I'll try moving the folder out of the way.
  4. Sorry didn't make it clear, i kept mentioning profile as that was the original place I tried. I have copied the workspace file from another pc's program files directory but this did not work. What else does vectorworks use in the profile? I've copied someone else's whole vectorworks folder from their profile to the person who has the problem. I still get the same issue.
  5. Tried putting a new workspace in from another profile and got the same problem. Mainly been using the worksapce from the profile of someone who does not have the issue. I think i've tried now ever permutation for this workspace file I have had another suggestion to look at quicktime. This will be next week now.
  6. I've deleted the workspaces from the profile and the program files area. This did produce an error about no workspaces available. I did try renaming the workspace but that made no difference.
  7. In the c:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2009\Workspaces there was no workspace file. I copied one from someone elses tested and it didn't work. In the c:\Program Files\Vectorworks2009\Workspaces I replaced the file that was in there with the same one I copied from the user that works. This has been tested and it does not work. I might not be explaining this correctly as i don't use vectorworks. Double click on vectorworks it loads all the plugins you then see the main application you might get a chance to click on file before it crashes. If I look in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2009 we have several VWCrashDump.dmp files.
  8. Sorry misunderstood. There was nothing in the workspace folder anyway. I've tested with the standard.vww and it didn't work. I did manage to get it sorted for a time but i did have to delete the profile from the pc and the server and remove vectorworks from the PC. Now it's gone wrong again. Anyone else who launchs vectorworks either through run as or logged onto the pc it works. I know it must be profile related.
  9. Sorry for the slow response. I've looked in the application data folder vectorworks folder. There was no standard.vww file in the workspaces folder. I've copied one across and waiting to see if this works.
  10. HI We have a strange issue on one pc for one user. When they start vectorworks it loads then as soon as it gets to the work space it closes the application. Anyone else on this pc it works for. If the user goes to another pc it works. I've uninstalled and reinstalled vectorworks on the pc but this has not worked. I've deleted the users profile from both the server and the pc but it still has not worked. Has anyone come across this error before or have an idea how to solve it?
  11. The problem does not occur on everything. If it is a patterened drawing then it will print solid black. Thanks Chris
  12. We have Vectorworks 9.5 and printing some drawings to a hp 750 plotter and some colours in boxes print in complete black. can anyone help with this problem Thanks Chris
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