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  1. lyndsey & caleb thanks for the replys. i have tried using the open command while in vectorworks but this did not work. i will try typeshuffler (sounds similar to maclink). again thanks
  2. brenden? i have encountered the same problem in our office. we are also running on a mac system (some starmax 3000 w/os8.6 & g4's w/ os9) with an apple server. we have noticed that the problem tends to occur in files that have been translated from minicad7, or have parts that have been carried over from mc7 (i.e. symbols, details, etc.) other than that bit of info i do not have any solution except we try to avoid reusing the corrupted data. ?adrien
  3. i want to know if anyone is having the same cross platform problem that i am. i am working with vectorworks on a mac and i have a consultant who is using vectorworks for windows. the stationary file i sent him he was able to open and use without a problem. the issue is his sending files back to me. i know vectorworks should open them up but it is not doing so. to open his files on the mac i need to use maclink as a go between. i have tried opening the files directly from vectorworks without success. any suggestions?


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