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  1. I am using VW11 Landmark to generate a 3d mesh from a series of 3d survey points. When I generate the site model and look at the resulting mesh, the triangulation includes a series of points that were not in the original selection, resulting in a model that is out of whack. I am not sure why this is occuring. I generated a mesh from the exact same series of points in Rhino, and there was no error. Can anyone help me solve this problem.
  2. I have been using the callout text tool - generally it works well. However, if I rotate the callout text in the base drawing and then workgroup reference this file into another drawing, the rotated callout text reverts back to its original alignment (i.e. unrotated), even though in the orginal file it remains rotated. Why is this so and is there anything i can do about it?
  3. What would be really helpful is the ability to rotate the view in a design layer such that you can align the screen view to a particular 2d object (i.e. a building facade or a kerb line). I guess this would be like turning the page around to see the drawing from a different angle. Unfortunately it seems that you can only rotate the view when looking at 3d objects (i.e. through the working plane) but not 2d elements.


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