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  1. Charles, Thanks for the response. A few notes as follows: 1) The mention of callouts changing fonts appeared a few days ago on virgin VW11.0.1 files just created. I never had VW10. I went from Mac VW8.6 to WinXP VW11. The comment on leaders is understood. I am using the 3 point mode button and the start of the leader at the object. I start at the object and drag a leader section , stop and the go horizontal to develop the straight section prior to the note dialog box appearing. That is how it is supposed to work. Most of the times I start at the object drag to a point and boing.the dialog box appears. Now you have to hit OK, delete and start over. This is a re-occuring problem and not just an occasional fluke, I will be loading in 11.5 this weekend so I will keep you posted om particular problems. Has anyone tackled that 'clipping' issue yet?? Thanks again Charles, Tom in PA
  2. I too have posted a previous issue with callouts and never seem to get an answer. Just yesterday I used the callout tool and when I tried to re-position the leader end the text font changed. This did it on two callouts and I could repeat the text change with ease. Sometimes I do to use the tool and all the text is vertical. The width preference just changed on its own to 0" from the deafult of 2". The other annoyance I have noticed is that when you set the tool preferences in the tool bar to allow a straight portion of leader after the arrow line it does not always work. This is areal annoyance. I click on the startof the leader, then move to the next point where I want the horizontal section and boom the text box pops up. Now you have to allow it to place the callout, delete it and then start over. These types of issues are real time wasters. Still mumbling along with these issues........just like the "Clip Issue" I still have not got an answer on. Now on page 2, Limbo! Tom in PA
  3. How do I maintain the relative position of grouped objects while re-sizing the overall shape?? This may not be the correct way to phrase it but what I am trying to accomplish is to maintain specific positioning of some objects within a group while altering the group size. I have a cabinet side drawing and I want to have all the holes etc relative to one corner at all times regardless of the size. I would like to draw one part with all the holes slots etc and then be able to resize the overall part size while maintaining location of some items in the group relative to a given corner. Now I even have myself confused........... Any help........ Thanks and regards, Tom in PA
  4. I just re-did the file in VW 8.6 and cannot get the system to fault as it does in Vw 11.0.1. It clips perfectly everytime without regards as to one shape or two shapes. Also when I use the clip in 8.6 I just use the smart cues and snaps to position the clipping object and just clip. The notion that I have to adjust and reposition to have overlap is ridiculous. Purely a software issue that I raised months before.........Anyone from NNA listening out there....... Thanks for the help guys, Regards, Tom in PA
  5. B. I sent you a new file that I just created that clearly shows the clipping flaws. It is two shapes being clipped by another. This works OK. Then I joined the two shapes together using Add Surface and then tried to clip it the same. Bingo! The flaw appears and the clip is wacko. This is truly a bug if you ask me. Can I be the only one do ever do this?? T. I sent you a copy of the file also. Thanks, Tom
  6. Travis, The clipping object is overlapping the main object by .50". This is not the problem. This problem exists with VW11.0 and did not exist in VW8.6. I can take the exact same files and duplicate the clip problem on VW11 and it works without a hitch on 8.6. I have previously sent a clip problem file to Katie for evaluation. Some times you cannot just make the clipping object 'larger'. It just doesn't work that way. If I am working on a mold part and need to clip to close tolerances I can't just oversize the part used to clip because of a software flaw. Again, this was never a problem in previous versions. What I don't understand is how I can be the only one to notice this issue?? B. I'll send you the file in question. Thanks for the support guys, I'll keep you posted. Regards, Tom in PA
  7. Has anyone experienced any problems or difficulty using the Clip Surface command? I am still having problems using this tool at times most recently when using small rectangle to clip another object. I would select as I normally do and after executing the command the clip did not work but it now left an outline of the clipping object in place that can't be delete. It somehow merged the shapes instead of clipping, but not like the Add Surface command does. I save the file, re-booted and reopened and I still have the problem in the file getting it to work. I have posted a previous complaint about this tool and I still have no answer. I can't be the only one that this has happened to. The file is ready to send to someone for evaluation. Thanks and Regards, Tom in PA
  8. How can I change my Pattern attribute defaults?? I follow the instructions and when I go to change the default pattern it only shows 30 some patterns none of which I want to be the default. The pattern pallete contains at least twice that many. Why can't I choose the one I want ?? Seems kind of odd, don't you think. Now every time I click the pattern pallete I have to go back and redo it each time. Any help out there? Tom
  9. Bruce, Yes font mapping is in place. Another note, I did a batch convert from 8.6.2 to 11.0.1 and that went OK for some files, some files I lost all layer info on one layer and this font thing is rearing its head. Some of these files had the fonts changed manually and after I re-installed 11.0.1 and went after the drawings the fonts have changed randomly. I know they have changed because I have a print out copy after the batch convert, after the fonts were changed. Thanks, Tom
  10. I am just switching over systems in our office and I have an issue with fonts again in Win XP and VW11.0.1. I have VV11 files on the desktop of Office 2 and I am opening them on Office 1. I have the same version of VW11.0.1 installed on both computers and the same files on the desktop of both while doing the changeover. When I use Office 1 and open a file from Office 2 the fonts are always different. If I open the file on 2 the drawing is OK. All the same fonts in use are on both systems and all the VW preferences are setup the same. What am I missing?? Thanks, Tom in PA.......no I am not using VW on two computers, just changing over systems
  11. New system up and running with WinXP, VW11.0.1 and I few problems arose yesterday. Opened up a few files just made a few days ago on another computer and the callout text was upside down when opened. I had to go in OIP and click vertical position>top and then it corrected itself. The distinct thing I noticed is that when my cursor moves over the drawing the smart cursor cue noise sounds like machine gun fire and when I stop at the end of the drawing the cursor is still and the cue noise is still going on until it catches up with the cursor and then quits. Never heard this before on the old system which is also WinXP. Any thoughts??? Tom
  12. Cursor movement is at a crawl when using in VW. Out of VW environment it reacts as I set it in the Logitech preferences panel. Tom
  13. I just booted up our new computer system today and we are using VW11.0.1 on WinXP with a Logitech Trackball, which has always worked fine for us. The ball seems to lose its capabilities only when in VW. It runs normal in all other programs and when I switch windows between VW and the other programs it works fine. Is there a compatability issue I am not aware of?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  14. Nicholas, Note second post at atop of page from Ray where he states that General Display does not control dimension settings(precision). I keep getting more confused by the day. I still want to know about that Fraction/Decimal mix... Tom in PA
  15. Jonathan, When I go to Dimension Object(Primary) the only choice you can make is Fractional Rounding ,all other selections are are greyed out. I am trying to understand the Fractional / Decimal Mix selection. It sounds as if the dimensions are displayed as exact fractions within the rounding tolerance and displayed as decimals when not exact fractions. If this is the way the tool is supposed to work, it doesn't or I still don't know what I am doing. When I select Dim Object(Primary) why can't I select the decimal option?? Tom in PA
  16. Jonathan, I have done as you suggested but I still cannot get the Fraction / Decimal option to work. I have done everything I can think of and I am at a wall, so to speak. Any suggestion on how to use this option?? Tom in PA
  17. Thanks Jonathan, This is Tom not Ray. Ray appears to know what he is doing, unlike me, Tom. Thanks for the clarification but what about the Fractional / Decimal mode option?? How can this be used?? I have applications where this could be useful to me. I try to forgo the manual until I get stumped and then I refer to it. Hey it was written by persons unknown a lot more versed in VW than myself. Thanks again, I'll try your suggestions. Tom in PA
  18. Ray, Looking at the manual on page 2-26, it notes that the selected unit measurement is applied globally throughout the drawing including dimensions.On page 2-27 it notes the use of the Dimension Object, Primary and Secondary for dual dimensioning where tolerances of both dimensions can be set. Now I am really confused........ Tom in PA
  19. Why can I not use the Fractional / Decimal mode?? I have a part that is dimensioned that can use both as the dialog box notes. Why does it not work?? If not used for dimensioning, as it is greyed out on selection of primary and secondary dimensions, where is this applicable?? I am still confused..........not that this is uncommon lately....... Tom in PA
  20. Here?s a dimensioning problem I have always had with VW11 and I can?t seem to find a good answer to it. I have drawn a rectangle with dimensions of 2.803? x 3.445?. I set units to Inches, rounding to nearest 1/64 and dimensions appear on screen as 2 ?? x 3 ??. It makes no difference what I set the rounding to the dimensions always appear as above. If I set the rounding to Fractional/Decimal mix the dimensions do not change. When I have precision set to 1/64?, which should give me another dimension, and I go to the OIP, the dimension precision is 1/8? even though I set it for General Display precision of 1/64?, which means I have to edit each dimension for precision. Is this right?? The Fractional/Decimal mix does not work at all in this case as I should be getting decimal readings on both dimensions, even with rounding set to 1/64?and .001. I have just re-read the manual section on setting Units and dimensioning and it?s of no help at all. I want to get the Fractional / Decimal mix to work in this example to eliminate accumulation of error when dimensioning. Any help out there??? Tom in PA
  21. Charles, I have repeated problems with the revision cloud tool, namely crashing and locking up using WinXP SP2. I have sent examples to Katie of some corrupt files using this tool. The cloud appears as a wierd shape and the shape cannot be editted or deleted without the program crashing. I was able to duplicate my problem and I set it to her. I still have numerous crashes occuring when deleting items from imported Autocad dxf files. Tom in PA
  22. G-Pang, I couldn't agree more on this and some other issues. Tom in PA
  23. I am talking about the drawing symbols contained in the resource pallete under 'Drawing Symbols'. These are all like objects and some can be altered, some cannot, as I stated above. Why shouldn't these be editted using the same type of OIP pallete?? All four items are circles with text inside. They all look the same, some with arrows, some without. The Drawing label can be editted nicely for text size within the circle, the others cannot. Why?? To me this does not make any practical sense. One symbol I can edit through the OIP, the others I have to workaround to edit the text in any fashion. Tom
  24. I have been experiencing way too frequent crashing of VW11 while trying to edit imported AutoCad files. I import the file and during editting, removing text, objects not required etc.,I frequently have the program 'lock up', where the cursor will not operate, nothing works and then I get the dreaded 'Program not resonding' message. This only seems to happen on imported dxf and dwg files. I have not imported any other file types. I even had it happen last night on a new layer of an imported file with no imported data on the layer. Any thoughts?? Tom in PA VW11, WinXP, SP2
  25. Mike, I too have posted a query about fonts changing recently. I would go to modify, just as you said, and I would end up with part of the text in one font and part in another font. Always sporadic but a pain to go back and try to edit and hope the results stay without redoing the text over. VW11 definitely has some font issues lurking in there. Tom
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