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  1. This should be the update that is on the bulletin board now. I just did the Win XP upgrade and I got the same error until I found out that I had two VW files and only one contained the .37547 exe file to update. Good Luck, Tom in PA
  2. Has anyone from NNA looked at this callout problem yet as this post is getting closer to page 2 limbo land?? I can't beleive that there are only two posts to this problem which appears to be Windows related. Are we the only two Windows users that use the callout tool?? Since it doesn't look as though this is going to get acknowledged, let alone fixed or worked around, I'll just have to go backwards in time and re-install 11.0 and then the updates to 11.5 to get me going again. Frustrated again......... Tom in PA
  3. Travis, One common thing is that jnr and I are on Windows systems which the current update was supposed to address. My problems started after I did the update. So much for checking that one out......Age old adage.....'the cause of every problem is a change'..........fits every time. Fix one problem cause another as they say... Hope someone from NNA chimes in soon.... Tom in PA WinXP
  4. Anyone at NNA have any comments about the callout problems above?????????? Tom in PA
  5. I just opened up VW this morning and got a new file open and clicked on Callouts again, just for the fun of it. Checked Callout Pref's and they are all wacko with everything set at '0' and when set it will not draw a leader line with anything other than 'No Marker'. All other leaders with markers disappear. Obviously a problem......don't you think? Time to re-load VW from disc again........ Tom in PA
  6. Patterns are worthless the way they are setup. You can't change the default pattern which means you always waste time re-doing the pattern. Why can't a default pattern be changed to set the one you are using. If I remember it's fixed on pattern #3 for some reason. You can't edit all the patterns as only a fixed amount are editable.(who came up with that one) I agree...fix them so they work or get rid of them. Why are the simple things so obvious to us users and not to the developers?? Tom in PA
  7. Well, I just started a new file a few moments ago and went to use the callout tool and low and behold, it still is wacko! ...and this is a virgin file started from scratch. Opened up the Callout prefs and Width was '0', Leader shoulder was '0', Marker was set to 'No marker', vertical position was 'Top' not Auto. Does anyone else experience this type of problem with this tool or is it me?? If anyone else sees these things why am I the only one complaining?? This tool really needs looking at by NNA. Charles....are you out there......... Thanks. Tom in PA
  8. ......even after I installed the WinXP update. This time I imported an AC2004 .dwg file and when I went to use the callout tool not only was the text width set to '0' but the Marker Style was now set to No Marker. The text width problem was supposed to have been fixed in the 11.5 update, but I guess not. Another problem that occurs with this particular tool, I went to place a callout and when trying to use anything other than the 'No Marker' at the leader end the leader line would disappear. Editting in the OIP had no effect. I could only use the 'No Marker'. Any thoughts............ Tom in PA
  9. Anyone else having problems with the 2D selection tool when dragging a selection box around a group of objects to select them?? Both in 11.0 and 11.5 I have had problems with the tool where I go to select the objects using the marquee and the objects will select and then de-select instantly. Over and over again. I can use Cntl A to select everything and that always works. Sometimes I have to re-do the selection process 5 or 6 times before it 'sticks'. Any thoughts?? Tom in PA WinXP, VW 11.5
  10. I am currently using NVIDIA Quadro FX 500/600PCI with driver version We checked with NNA prior to installing this card to make sure there were no compatability problems. Tom in PA
  11. I have the same problem here. I have posted it before and have not got an answer other than... 'check your video card and driver'. We have the latest drivers for our new cards and we still get the 'blinking screen' while drawing, a delay and blink when trying to delete an item etc. We are running WinXP and we had the problems on 11.0.1 prior to upgrading to 11.5. The blinking only occurs in VW and none of our other programs which leads me to believe it's a VW bug. Tom in PA
  12. Rich, It's amazing to me that these problems were brought to light long before 11.5 was released. The problem can't just affect the three of us. I usually have a callout problem on every drawing I do and NNA should be able to duplicate some of them and make the repair. Charles form NNA recently replied to one of my posts and said the 0" width problem should not exist in 11.5. WRONG! It's still there........ If only NNA could acknowledge the problems with this tool and implement some type of repair. They seem to sit and watch these posts and just ignore it. Thanks, Tom in PA
  13. I don't have the manual in front of me, but if I am not mistaken I read that you can edit a symbol and then copy and paste it. I have two drawings in question where I editted the symbol on one and then copied and pasted it to the other drawing and the portion that I editted reverted back to its original values, in this case I changed the size of a rectangle. Both drawings were the same scale. I could copy/paste between layers on the same drawing but not from drawing to drawing. Any thoughts??? Thanks, Tom in PA
  14. No, you're not! I have posted numerous issues on callout problems and 11.5 seems no better. This seems to be tool that is loaded with bugs. I have callouts that change width preferences to 0", font changes when editting, 3 point leader mode does not work and the list goes on. These problems were in 11.0.1 and are still in 11.5. I have seen no improvement in this tool in 11.5 despite what NNA tells us. Tom in PA
  15. Bruce, Yep........that's exactly what is happening. If you re-size with a value anymore than the constraint value it goes wacko. I don't have time to re-size a part 6" in 1/4" increments. I might as well just redraw it, which is what I have been doing. Just not very productive. If this is a bug, why am I the only one complaining about it?? I did a search and found no problems I am having. Since I am the lone wolf out there, what are the chances in getting it fixed to be useful?? Thanks and Regards, Tom in PA
  16. I am running VW11.5 on WinXP with no problems. I updated QT and then installed 11.5. I had some lock up issues with 11.0.1 on XP and I have not repeated that as of yet. I did have some issues on older 8.6 files that were converted in 11.0.1 and also with imported AutoCAd files. Seems that the 11.5 doesn't like those older VW files , regardless of what NNA says. I'll keep you posted. Tom in PA
  17. I am trying to use the parametric constraints to locate a hole relative to a corner on a rectangle, souds very straight forward and you would not expect a problem. Here's the problem...I locate the hole inside the square an d position it relative to one corner, lower left. I then use the Vertical Distance constraint to keep the hole in position when I resize the square. Now the rub.......If I make the square larger the constraint works and the hole is located correctly. If I make the square smaller to a given point the hole and the constraint move to the outside of the part. I can then flip flop the hole from inside to outside the square by using the OIP to enlarge / reduce the square. This type of behavior on a constraint does me no good whatsoever. It actually scares me. Anyone had any experience with this or is this another VW bug?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  18. Anyone from NNA reading this?? I find no reference in the manual at all to the orientation of the object that will follow path. A feature with no instructions...........other than follow path. Not a great help here! Thanks, Tom in PA
  19. How do I prevent the ground plane from printing?? I have a rendering I am playing with and the ground plane is always printing. How do I remove it from obstructing my drawing?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  20. I am trying to extrude a shape along a path and I notice that is no reference anywhere as to what point of the object follows the path. I am using 11.5 and most other programs allow you to select what point will follow the path, but not VW. What's up with this?? Tom in PA
  21. Is anyone currently using interior-cad with VW11.5?? I just downloaded the demo last night and I can't get the thing to show up in a menu. When I go to the Workspace editor it appears there and no where else. Any thoughts? Tom in PA
  22. Aptly put Nicholas.... "So. Sketch is a significant NEW capability for design presentation that is "not available" to Designers who don't fit into the 4 categories of what NNA identify as "proffessional" users. That's the issue." The point I was trying to get across when I started this topic. Thanks, Tom in PA
  23. Whoa guys.......! I only expessed my opinion about the exclusion of SKETCH in the std. version. No one is crying because we didn't get it for free with 11.5, we just don't have the option unless we upgrade to an industry package. I got from MiniCAD to VW 11 by buying all the products available along the way. Far from wanting everything for nothing 11.5 should be free as it fixes a lot of items from the original 11.0 release that I just bought less than a year ago. Look at the fiasco when 10.0 was released. Did you really expect users to pay for the '.' releases on that version?? I am using VW because I love the program and have used it from the first MiniCAD / Mac days to my present VW 11.5 / WinXP scenario. It's still the best value out there in my opinion fro the speed and ease of producing drawing, which is what we all bought the program for.
  24. As a user since MiniCad 4, I am extremely dis-appointed that NNA chose to exclude all of its non- industry users when it came to passing out the highly touted SKETCH mode in 11.5. Every bit of literature I read says that is the single most popular item talked about and then you read the fine print that says industry specific users only. FOUL!! There was a time when all these items were bundled into a single software package and then someone decided....'here's a way we can make more money...', and the industry specific packages were broken out as seperate items. It would be interseting to find out the numbers of VW and industry specific VW users. Why would NNA leave a group of its loyal users out in cold like this?? Who said that the normal VW user does not need this tool?? Another frustrating day........ Thoroughly disgusted...... Tom in PA
  25. Charles, I am currently using a Logitech Track Ball if that helps. I'll check the click sensitivity and see what I can come up with. Version 11.5 ready to go in. Wish me luck......... Thanks, Tom in PA
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