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  1. I have been running 11.5.1 since its release and I still experience the problem as described above on a daily basis. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't, just that simple. Tom in PA WinXP VW11.5.1
  2. I am currently working on a new VW 11.5.1 file and I have a simple arc that I offset 17". When I go to dimension the radius the dimensions only show a difference of 1'-0-7/16". I have pulled the aligned dimension perpendicular to the arcs it shows the 17"+ difference even though the dimensions appear to be wrong. How can this be?? This really scares me as we export to our CNC using these VW files. Has anyone else experienced any dimension accuracy problems?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  3. Bruce, I have been playing with this tool for quite some time and I have also complained about it and as far as I know no one from NNA has come up with an answer. You're correct that it needs some point to extrude from that can be controlled. This tool and Duplicate along Path are useless in their current form as far as I am concerned. Good Luck, Tom in PA
  4. I have posted this topic prior and I still have no resolution or explanation. Whenever I use the callout tool I get extreme screen flicker and delay in tool use. Just trying to select the callout causes a big bog down in system resources. It shows up in Task Manager as 100% spikes all over the place until it settles down which can be as long as 5 secs or so. We have this condition on all three computers, all running WinXP. All video cards are good and drivers up to date. All other graphics and CAD programs we use on the systems show no sign of this at all, so it is not the video cards. Is anyone else running XP experiencing any problem?? Tom in PA 11.5 WinXP
  5. Well, here we are at 8 months out and still not a single response from NNA one way or another. I just tried using this stupid tool again with the same inaccurate results. From the posts above this an obvious problem from those of us who have tried to use the tool as desrcibed above and yet we get no response. Has this been fixed in V12?? Thanks, Tom in PA....still frustrated!!!
  6. Here we go to page 2 limbo again without any comments from NNA at all one way or the other. Am I the only person using WinXP experiencing callout issues?? Hard to believe..don' t you think. If there are issues, tell us. If it's going to fixed later, tell us. Isn't that the purpose of the board? Thanks, Tom in PA V11.5 WinXP
  7. I still have issues with the Callout tool in V11.5. I have posted prior issues such as screen flicker when selecting callouts. This particular issue occurs on all of our computers and all video cards and drivers have been updated. Todays issue is font re-sizing when flipping a callout horizontal and when grabbing leader line to re-position. I opened up a template document that we use and I pasted a callout from another drawing into it and I can duplicate the font re-size from 12pt to 18pt everytime, on every callout on the darwing. Has anyone else had any issues similar with V11.5 using WinXP?? I'd be curious to see if anyone from NNA responds to a Callout issue. Thanks, Tom in PA V11.5 WinXP
  8. Well, here we go again....5 months since this topic was started and not one single response from anyone at NNA. Now that's support ! Trying the tool again today brought it back to light. I am trying to duplicate a simple rectangle along a short arc and keep the parts tangent to path. Doesn't work any way. Went to VW help topics where it shows the Tangent to Path example and I cannot duplicate the results with my simple part. How do these tools get checked out prior to release??? Anyone from NNA want to chine in this year?? Thanks, Tom in PA.........still muddling along
  9. Alan, Just downloaded SketchUp. What a breeze to use for 3D dimensioning! Why can't we get even part of this functionality with VW which costs way more than SketchUP. I used the program for 15 min and bought it instantly online. I too can VW less and SketchUp more for at least 50% of my daily work. It's a shame that after all the years VW has been out that we still cannot dimension in 3D, even slightly. I too looked at the Vector Depot file. way too much for so little result. The answer to my prayers...........Thanks. Tom in PA
  10. Here is what I found on a topic search and this goes back to ver10.5.. from 10.5 What's new: quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VectorWorks 3D snapping capability has been greatly enhanced. Now the VectorWorks Smart Cursor? can easily find 3D objects, points, centers and distances along curves and edges, making it easy to create and align 3D objects. I can't do this in VW11.5. What happened between then and now guys?? Tom in PA
  11. Why doesn't Smart Cues work after an object has been extruded into a solid ?? I just did a small drawing and after I extruded and joined a few objects Cues won't work to snap objects to Center, Corner etc. Am I doing something basic wrong?? Any luck with dimensioning in 3D?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  12. Where do I get the pricing on VW12 updates and packages?? I see nothing on the website in regards to pricing. Tom in PA
  13. Nina, Thanks for the input and evaluation of the problem. The import white may explain the missing parts. I have never had a problem with units until now, or at least I did not understand the whole situation. I will play around with this file today. I normally do use AutoCad its just there because of all the files we receive. We export to Rhino for final changes that are cumbersome in VW and then we output to CNC software from there. The import to Rhino is where we find the most problems. Export from rhino has always been in millimeters and has never posed a problem before. The re-import into VW is just a wierd case itself. I will keep you posted of any other problems. Thanks again, Tom in PA WinXP VW11.5.1
  14. Here is the perfect example of why VW exports cannot be directly used for CNC toolpath imports. I just generated a curved object this morning that is approx. 69" x 150". It was saved as a dxf and I tried to import it into VW. No go , no way! The object always imports as 2"+ x 5"+ and I cannot get it to change to the correct size anyway. I have played with import scale and nothing changes. The object was created in VW, imported to Rhino for fine tuning and then saved as a dxf out of Rhino. It will import correctly in AutoCad 2004 without a problem and also back into Rhino, but it will not import correctly back into VW. This is very troubling to and exactly why I recommended NOT using VW exports for direct import into CNC toolpathing software. This is exactly why I imported it into Rhino first. The VW exports cannot be trusted as far as I am concerned. This is an item that NNA should look at and resolve. Thanks, Tom in PA WinXP VW 11.5.1
  15. Will Interior Cad work with 11.5 as of yet?? The last time I checked it would not. I am interested in using it for cabinet design and CNC export and it looks as if would fill the bill, so to speak. Anyone had any experience using it for CNC export?? Any major issues with the software?? Thanks guys, Tom in PA
  16. Grant, No. The layer I have it on is the 1/2"=1'-0" scale. I have used this tool before 11.0 on all scale layers without a problem. Even with 11.5.1 I have hundreds of examples of the cloud on other than 1:1 layer scale. I am not trying to transfer/copy/paste, just making new on each layer. thanks, Tom in PA WinXP
  17. Grant, This last file in question was a new cloud generated on a single layer as stated above. I have a few examples of this as the cloud cannot be deleted. After the file opens slowly, if you even go near the cloud and try to click on it or anything near it, crash it goes. Just a bad situation as some of the files I have had to redraw because of it. Thanks, Tom in PA
  18. EJ, Not quite that easy. Revion Cloud PIO dates are the same as all other PIO, 7/6/2005. I have a new 11.5.1 install because I had problems in some other areas also. I had previously sent one of these files to Katie for evaluation and was informed it had to do with Layer Scale. I don't think so as I have been using the tool since the early MiniCad days with no problems until version 11.0 came along. This is some type of software issue internally, I'll bet money on it. Just like the slowness issue for deleting callouts along with screen flicker when deleting. There are some deep seeded issues to be addressed here by NNA and anytime a post is made we here nothing from the people who are responsible for the software. Any other ideas?? I'll send you the file if you like. Thanks, Tom in PA Win XP
  19. Has anyone else had the Revision Cloud tool crash on them while drawing??? I reported this problem a number of times and I still have no answer as to why it is happening or what is being done about it. I have a simple two layer file with one layer at 1:1 and the other at 1/2":1'0". I opened up the tool with all the pref's set at the default and when the cloud was dragged to size, it was out os shape, the file locked up (nothing would work at all) and I could not delete the cloud. I still can't! When you close and re-open the drawing the drawing opens very slowly and you can't use any tools or select anything. Locked up solid! When I open Windows Task Manager, whatever the file is doing it is using my complete system meemory. Definitely a problem. Why can't anyone at NNA reproduce this problem?? I have the file ready to send for evaluation. Tom in PA WinXP VW11.5.1
  20. tgm

    export to CNC

    John, I will forward you two files from yesterday that exported garbage from another layer even though Layer and Class visibilities were set correct for all but the layer being exported. Evaluate and get back to me. The export layer shows nothing but what I wanted exported but that's not what we ended up with on the final dxf. Thanks, Tom in PA
  21. The Callout Tool is nice but I too have had nothing but problems with it as evidenced by all my previous complaints. No one seems to have any answers. Tom in PA
  22. Andy M. I too have noticed and posted about screen flashing when trying to select dimensions, callouts etc. It was prevelant prior to 11.5 and it's still there. I was told to look at the video card but my video card is the latest with the latest drivers. Why can't NNA dulpicate all the aforementioned problems?? If they can they should at least inform us of the fact. I too have a monster for a system and the 3D rendering we do in Rhino far exceeds anything that VW is capapble of producing and it runs like clockwork as fast as can be. I second the above comment...'Unbelievable' Tom in PA WinXP
  23. tgm

    export to CNC

    I only import into Rhino and then export right back out again. I do nothing to the file at all unless I find some useless crap floating off in space. I just ran into this yesterday with a file where some holes were deleted in VW and don't show up at all but appear when exported. These are the types of things that really screw toolpathing software up. As far as the fillet issue goes if I really need the accuracy I just alter the file in Rhino, which I trust in working right,and then export for toolpathing. Most of our work is also in 2D as we do all sorts of architectural millwork. Some is in 3D but we have found Rhino to be one of the better programs out there for all around use. The VW fillet issue is a joke. This is a basic tool that should work flawlessly, the 2D tool that is. I can understand some issues with the 3D tools as they tend to be alot more complex but a 2D tool that has been here in use since the early MiniCad days should be no problem in VW 11.5.1. Keep on truckin'........ Tom in PA
  24. tgm

    export to CNC

    John, Thanks for the reply. I have reported the fillet tool problem a while back along with a clipping tolerance issue that I was having problems with. No resolution at that time. I can probably get you the toolpathing software we use for your testing. I am not the only one with this problem with VW outputs. I put up with it because it is so easy to use, in fact the only CAD software I have ever used in 18 yrs of business. I have developed work arounds for most of VW shortcomings, I just wish they could be fixed. I'll keep you posted. Tom in PA
  25. tgm

    export to CNC

    David, DO NOT try to use VW dxf outputs for CNC use. The way it outputs the dxf's will not allow you to use it directly. We have a Multicam CNC for woodworking and we use Enroute toolpathing software. We cannot import directly. We always go thru another program, in this case Rhino, to filter out all the crap and produce a workable file. Works every time. Tried to import into Mastercam and had the same problem. For ease of making a file to start with you can't beat VW. We have been using it since the early MiniCad days. Accuracy is also a problem. Try this test. 1. Draw a rectangle 1" x 2" 2. Try to bullnose the end with the fillet tool. 3. VW will not let you radius the 1" end using a .50 radius. One fillet will be .50 and the the other will have to be something less to allow it to work. A big NO NO if you are outputting to any CNC equipment. Mold , tool and die etc would never use VW because of this type of behaviour. Pretty pictures YES, usable dxf's NO. We have had these problems with VW for years on the output side but put up with it because of the ease of use. Even with the filtering, it's still quicker than the alternative. Call me at 814-734-7364 anytime to discuss woodworking CNC. Thanks, Tom in PA
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