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  1. OK, I give up after looking through the VW Help Menu. Where is the file located?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  2. Well, here we go again with my favorite tool. I have only used the callout tool twice since I started on 12.5 last week and this morning I go to use it in a new file and bang..I get an error message as such.."A Vector Script error has occured on this locked plug in. Refer to the file 'Error Output' for a further explanation" What is this all about now???? Help!!! Thanks, Tom in PA
  3. No. Zoom percentage stays the same. Tom in PA
  4. Active only brings up the correct layer OK. If I switch layers in this mode it appears OK. If I go to any other option in Layers the scale is incorrect. Layer option 'Show, snap, modify others' is helpful in our situations for drawing layout as we tend to cram a lot in one area sometimes. I have used this same technique for years, albeit maybe not the most efficient, and it has always worked fine. I will look into using viewports as suggested. Still appears to be a problem or a user error. Need to find out. Thanks againg Peter, Tom in PA
  5. Here is an interesting problem that just occured this morning on a new file. Established Design Layer 1 with scale set at 1:24. Finished drawing on this layer and decided I needed a larger detail layer to go with it. Set up new Design Layer 2 with a scale of 1:8. When I went back to the drawing I have Layer Options set to 'Gray Others'. Low and behold, Layer 1 was now at Layer 2's scale and grayed out. Why is layer scale not 'sticking' with the layer? I have been working with layers in VW for the last 18 yrs and have never encountered anything like this. Anyone have any thoughts??? Thanks, Tom in PA
  6. Thanks Peter, that did the trick. Why is something as basic as this omitted from the manual instructions on the use of the tool? Omissions like this seem to ocur in every program I pick up lately. Any idea why the scaling options are greye out?? Thanks again Peter, Tom in PA
  7. Well,here we go again. I just upgraded to v12.5.1 and the first tool I go to use I have issues with. I have a curved path and a profile to extrude along the path. I select both, hit the NEXT button to select the path. I see I have a few extrude options listed for scaling and these are all greyed out and connot be selected. Problem 1. Now for problem 2....The instructions do not show or explain as to what point on the profile to extrude will follow the path. Corner, center what?? And why don't we have the option to select the point that will follow the path. Quite a lame tool if you ask me. Even some of the more simpler CAD programs give you the option to pick the path point on the cross section. Am I again the only one having issues? I did a search before posting and could not get any answers that will help me. Let me know if this is an operator error or program issue. Thanks for all the past help, Tom in PA V12.5.1 WinXP Pro MiniCad user from day 1.......
  8. Katie, You are correct, I did not check the template file. I will use a new template with no import data and see what happens. That particular file had no import data on it. I'll check and respond. Tom in PA
  9. Robert / Katie Have you had a chance to review the file I sent concerning layer scales and cloud settings?? It seems like the matter just got dropped agin.
  10. Robert, I respectfully disagree with your conclusion. To prove the matter I just made a new file in VW11.0 with 4 layers each with a different layer scale from 1:1 to 1;96. I then drew two revision clouds on each layer using the standard default billow settings. Each cloud on each layer is perfect in shape as drawn. Point is, layer scale should have nothing to do with the problem at hand. It worked perfectly in VW8.6. Something has changed. I have forwarded the above mentioned file to Katie for review. Thanks, Tom in PA
  11. Katie, No error message appears. The program just locks up and nothing works in the program. The title bar at the top of the screen says...'program not reponding'. The cursor will not allow you select any tool or menu item. You have to forse quit and restart. If you open the same file again, you can work on the drawing until you get near the 'cloud' area and then it locks up. This is the same issue I have reported before. At that time I sent a file and you responded with and answer concerning 'layer scale' whichs makes no sense at all as all previous versions worked regardless of layer scale. File is on the way. Thanks again, Tom in PA WinXP VW11.5.1
  12. Well, the Revision Cloud tool is at it again! I submitted a report on this back when v11 first came out and the tool is still not working correctly. I currently have a file I just did fresh today with 3 layers. I went to place a cloud on a layer and it locks up the program, crashes the file and ultimately corrupts the file. The file shows nothing until you go and print it and a big cloud appears on the printout. If you even try to get near the area of the drawing where you think it is the program freezes. You cannot get rid of it anyway you try. I eventually just redrew the file. I have the original saved for nna review. I have experienced this problem before as stated and I cannot believe I am the only one to have issues with it. Thanks.............still frustrated.. Tom in PA
  13. Katie, v11.5.1.44793 Win XP I know there was a particular problem with callouts and WinXP a few years ago and I almost remember getting a file from someone at NNA concerning a patch. Both the font chaging issue and the callout issue are on the same system, if that helps. Thanks, Tom in PA
  14. My various Callout issues continue today. I open up some new files that have been done in recent weeks and when I go to insert a callout I find that all the callout preferences have gone whacko! Text width is set to 0, Shoulder is O, all settings for Markers are 0. Now I have to go back and reset them again. At the same time I open a file up to edit a drwaing and the font has changed randomly. Has this Callout tool even been fixed correctly?? I have posted problems previously and I still see the same problems. Thanks, Tom in PA
  15. Ethan, This is just another one of those 'red headed step child' tools that has been talked to death since before V11 and it still does work as it should. Search under Extrude along path' and you will see the length of discussion. I have given up on this tool and just use another program for all my extrude along path scenarios. For the life of me I can't believe the tool still does work after all the forum discussion over the years. You will notice that most of the discussion on this board about this subject has been has with nary a wimper out of NNA support staff. Good Luck, Tom
  16. I just checked the above scenario in all of our other programs and they offset correctly, as one would expect. This is just one of the many reasons we do not trust VW exports for our output to our CNC equipment. I also noticed that no one from NNA has chimed in on what appears to be a recurring problem that still has not been fixed. 12 months and still a problem........... Thanks. tom
  17. As stated above the tool does not work as designed. Look at the above post where the number of duplicates is wrong. This does not take any understanding of the tool use. I understand the 'Click on Path 'mode. The instructions say 'click on path', not where to start. Every other CAD and 3D program we use you 'click on path', just that easy. I understand the centroid method of rotation, but there are no instructions anywhere on how to position the object for rotation. All in all very poor instructions for an otherwise 'buggy' tool that is still not fixed, even in VW12.
  18. You notice we still have no input from NNA. Tom in PA
  19. Another issue that comes up is if you set the number of duplicates the actual result is always one less. Set it for 5 duplicates and only 4 will be placed on the path. I tried the 'locus and centroid' suggestion and it does not work for me. No matter where you put the locus the result is still the same. I tried unchecking 'tangent to path' also and it makes no difference. All in all, a lot of bugs with this tool for a long time. Thanks for all the input, Tom in PA
  20. I understand we can develop a workaround but this problem has existed for quite some time now and it still has not been addressed even in the new VW12 release. That's the point I am trying to make. Tools that don't work are useless. Thanks, Tom in PA
  21. Anyone from NNA want to respond? Thanks, Tom in PA
  22. I just got my eval version of VW12 and it looks interesting. We are currently using VW11.5 and we have always had an issue with Duplicate Along Path command which never seems to get fixed. It appears that it is still not fixed in VW12. When you follow instructions and 'click on path' thats the point where the duplication starts not utilizing the complete path. Also, there seems to be no way to control what point on the 'path object' will follow the 'path, ie. corner, center, midpoint etc. Just and aside...before I posted this I went to Search to see if any info has been posted and searched 'Duplicate along Path' and got know hits at all. I know for a fact I have posted some. Thanks, Tom in PA
  23. Thanks Ray........read directions last as they say.. Every other time I have re-installed all of the Object Libraries loaded in the Resource Browser automatically. Not this time for some reason. I was thinking I had something else going on. Thanks again, Tom in PA
  24. Anyone from NNA want to tackle this?? I ma now shuffled to page 2 and then beyond.......... This can't be that difficult of an issue, can it?? Tom in PA VW11.5.1 Win XP
  25. I just had to re-install VW11.5.1 this weekend and now upon opening up a new drawing I find that the resouce browser is empty and only shows a hatch and not all the other items susch as drafting tools, mechanical sampler etc. I checked in program files and they are all there in the plug in folder but I cannot get them to open on a drawing. Did I do something wrong on the install?? What am I missing?? Thanks in advance, Tom in PA VW11.5.1 WinXP


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