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  1. Pete, The dreaded 'blinking' can be on even the smallest file size drawing. As soon as I click on a callout and/or any type of PIO the Object Info Palete just fades and slowly comes alive with information as you watch the screen flicker. I have tried everything for a year now and still nothing. We have given very detailed information on this very item in many posts over the past the past year and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, as they say, as we have never got anyone from NNA really get into the problem, including Katie. There is not much more we can do other than muddle along with the issue. You can bet we will not upgrade to 2008, that's for sure. Hope this gets addressed somewhere along the way as it really gets bothersome during daily use. Thanks, Tom in PA
  2. Here we go with Callout Tool issues again, one of my favorite gripes with 12.5.2. When I even touch a callout after generating it I get wierd behaviour. Tom in PA
  3. carpalmer, We have experienced the same blinking monitor issues along with slow Object Info response ever since we upgraded from VW11. We have just recently installed a new Nvidia FX3000 dual head video with the latest drivers from nvidia and we still have the problem. We have installed VW12.5 on two other systems with current drivers and different monitors and we get the same results. There is some inherent flaw in VW that seemingly can't be fixed. Why it cannot be duplicated by NNA and reported on is beyond me. Do a search and you will find we are not the only ones complaining of this issue. It sure is a real pain on a day to day usage basis. Thanks, Tom in PA WinXP Pro SP2, VW12.5.2, nVidia FX3000dual head card
  4. mjw, You are correct about the lack of response from NNA. I have been complaining about this for the last year, as have you and others, and it all seems to fall on deaf ears, as they say. There is more than one of us having problems with Windows systems and I can not believe that someone can't duplicate the problem. You would think if NNA had even tried we would have some result posted on the forum, either good or bad. When will software companies realize that their best advertisment is their core of happy customers. A simple '..we have a problem, but we are working on it..' is all that it takes sometime. Just plain simple communication, that's all. Thanks, Tom in PA VW12.5.2, WinXP SP2, nvidia QuadroFX500/600, dual monitors
  5. Henry, I have been a devout user since MiniCad 1 first came out. I have seen all the issues that have evolved over the years that were touted as being 'improvements'. Does anyone remember VW9 and 10?? What a fiasco that was...! I'll eventually give it a chance someday. If only a few of my gripes were addressed, I'd probably be happy. Give me time.... I am still getting over some of the issues that were better in 11.5.1. Thanks, Tom in PA VW12.5.2, WinXP Pro SP2
  6. Any mention of 3D dimensioning......NO! Any surprise....NO!...but we will showcase the new SubZero libaries. After what I have seen with VW12.5.1 and .2 releases and subsequent problems, along with the lack of correcting those problems from one release to another, I may opt for this 2008 release in 2010, if I survive that long. Remember one thing, correcting existing software does not generate any sales dollars, even though it would make your existing customer base happy and more productive. A new release will tempt many to pony up the extra ching for the latest release. Kind of like a cat chasing its tail......! Good Luck to those who may think you are upgrading. This should generate a whole new forum board of sorts. Enough already, Thanks guys, Tom in PA
  7. clb, The workaround stated is just that, a workaround of an existing deficiency in the program. Before I would go through all the monkey motions just to say I have a 3D object dimensioned in VW I would just pull out one of the competitors products we use for all of our 3D work and have fully associative 3D dimensions. I would not even waste the time using VW for anything like this, the other programs make it too easy. It's a no brainer as they say. When 3D dimensioning does become available in VW, it WILL NOT be available in the basic fundamentals package, I guarantee it. Just like the Sketch option was being touted as the latest and greatest until you read the fine lines, not available. Enough on the subject,don't hold your breath, as they say. Thanks guys, Tom in PA
  8. Well, here's another one for the Callout Tool crowd! As if it's not enough with all the Callout Tool difficulties that have been posted for the last year on this forum, I now have another issue that just cropped up today working with new, virgin 12.5.2 files. I made one drawing that contained 6 or so callouts. I wanted all the same information to be used on another layout drawing, the blank of which was already in use. I selected all, copied and then pasted in place as I have done since the MiniCad days. Now I want to edit a few of the callouts and I find that they all have changed to Plug in objects, according to the OIP, and are non- edittable. Where did this come from all of a sudden?? Has anyone else experienced this?? I tried it twice with the same drawing info with the same results. An no, there was no imported information or details of any kind in the drawing content. An as previously reported, the 'screen flicker' and delay is definitely worse with 12.5.2 as complared to 12.5.1 and 11.5. Our productivity is going down the tubes with all the delays caused by lag and screen flicker when selecting any type of callout or plug in item. And no it's not a monitor or driver issue as all are up to date and VW is the only CAD /3D program we have this issue with. All other programs work just fine with files that are 10 times larger than any VW file we produce. To further illustrate the point, this weekend we loaded VW into two other XP Pro systems we are using, one at a time of course, and we can duplicate the scrren flicker/ lag on each. So why can't anyone at NNA duplicate this problem that has been being reported for years?? Enough ranting....back to work on the competitors software...........because of 3D dimensions.....but that's another story! Thanks guys, Tom IN PA Win XP pro, vw12.5.2, Nvidia Quadro FX500/FX 600, Dual Acer 19" Monitors
  9. It's really a shame that after all the years this topic has been discussed on this board and all the current improvements to VW in the area of 3D,that 3D dimensioning, even in its most rudimentary form, is no where in sight. Come on guys, the whole world is now designing in 3D, not just rendering pretty pictures! Because of this fact alone we do all of our 3D work in others programs. VW is taking a back seat when it comes to 3D, at least for our use, due to the lack of 3D dimensioning. Even some very cheap programs come with fully associative 3D dimension capabilities. How is it possible that a program such as VW has NOTHING?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  10. Ray, I have tried all the items that you stated and I still get the flickering. I even installed it on another new computer in our office with the same results. As mjw states, it happens with resource objects and callouts. I have drawing I use everyday and if I even click on a callout to edit or move the resource window goes blank, screen flickers for 5 secs or so and then I can proceed. I have been voicing my concern on the callout issue for years now and I must be the only one in the world with this issue. I did get sent a new callout file from NNA a few years back for 11.5 but it never solved the problem. If I got sent a fix on the sly, someone in NNA knew about the problem at that time. I'll keep muddling along with the old versions for now.. Thanks for the input, Tom in PA
  11. Well, I just updated to 12.5.2 and I still have the screen flicker and freezes when selecting callouts, resource items etc. I see no actual improvement from 12.5.1 at all, if anything it seems a little worse. I know it's not our system becuase we do all of our 3D work in Rhino and huge files run flawlessly. The only program I have ever experienced this in is Vectorworks. I have always had weird issues with the callout tool, dating back to 11.5, and still all the above issues fall upon deaf ears. How can we be the only ones to have these issues?? MJW above has the same as does the original thread starter above. Maybe someday someone at NNA will experience the above listed phenomena and respond. I think I will un-install 12.5.2 and go backwards for the moment. Thanks for the support, Tom in PA WinXP Pro, SP2, Pentium 4, 3.26GHz, NVIDIA Quardo FX500/FX600 with all updated drivers in place
  12. As an addendum to the above, I am also losing dimensions on a groups of objects also. I have a current file with 8 objects grouped together and then dimensioned. I now want to edit an item in the group, for wahtever reason, and when I ungroup after dimensions are applied, all the dimensions disappear also. Now I have to re-dimension the whole drawing due to one little change. Any help, Tom in PA
  13. I have never seen this problem before 12.5.1 and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have a simple rectangle that has length and width dimensions with associative dimension option turned on in prefs. I now want to use Add Surface option to add material to either side and when I do the dimensions disappear, no where to be found. I just had an instance this morning where we changed the size of a part using the above method and lost all the dimensions on the part. What are we doing wrong?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  14. Gunther, Thanks for the reply. Most of the files that this happened on were either from 11.5.1 or 12.0. I recently upgraded to 12.5.1 and that is when I started to see this issue. I'll do some digging to see where the font is from. I am thinking it is either a Windows XP font or Office font. As I stated I have seen it happen with at least the two fonts mentioned. It is very annoying at the least. I also have some 12.5 files that were re-opened with a 'screwy' font. I have never seen this happen with any other version, all the way back to MiniCad, that is waht surprised me. An old timer once told me '....the cause of every problem is a change'. I'll see if I can find a file that will repeat the error. Thanks again, Tom in PA
  15. Just opened another recent file this morning and it opened with the font 'Lucinda san Unicode', a font that we have never used before. Anyone have any idea what is happening?? Anyone form NNA want to take a stab at it?? Thanks, Tom in PA WinXP SP2, VW12.5.1 Fundamentals
  16. Robert, I do not have the 'keynote' feature as I am using VW Fundamentals. I did open a drawing this morning, selected the callout tool and the screen and program 'locked' for 5-10 secs before allowing me to enter the callout text. I did have the Resource browser open at that time. Defintely an issue to be resolved. I have had and reported callout issues since 11.0 was released. Thanks, Tom in PA WinXP SP 2, VW12.5.1 Fundamentals
  17. Here is another interesting 'glitch' which has only appeared since installing VW12.5. I have a new set of drawings I just did last week with 3 layers. I have one font used throughout the document. When I opened up the drawing this morning, I went to add a 'Callout', my favorite tool. The screen locked and flicked for 5 -10 secs or so, as usual, and then I entered the text in the callout dialog box. Low and behold, the font is now different and not the font used in the rest of the document. I have had this happen a few weeks ago and didn't pay much attention to it. We are using the same drawing style as we have since the MiniCad days and after we save a drawing and then reopen it sometime later the font is always the same as what was used on the drawing. It seems that VW12.5.1 just picks a font randomly when opening the drawing as one day it opened with Martel, one time it opened with a Bar Code font and today it opens with Lucinda. Any idea what is going on?? Still muddling along....... Tom in PA Win XP sp2 VW12.5.1 Fundamentals
  18. Chris, I have posted numerous posts over the last year complaining of the same issues, flicker and slowness when using the callout tool or selection of items in particular. I am also using XP and the video card and drivers have always been kept up to date. I have tried everything and I still have the flicker. I have re-installed it from one computer to another and I still have the issues. I had the issues with 11.5 also and the same issues exist for me in my 12.5 upgrade also. Hope we resolve it one of these days. Tom in PA
  19. That was it. It was a 2007 file format. Had it resent as a 2004 and it came right in. How is one supposed to be aware of this as it is not in print anywhere that I can find?? Thanks again, Tom in PA
  20. I am having continuing trouble this morning trying to import and AutoCAd .dwg file. I keep getting an 'open library' type of error and nothing will import. Any issues with dwg import ?? Thanks for the help, Tom in PA
  21. I see we have no NNA takers on this one?? If the option worked the answer should be easy and posted fast, no? Still waiting... Thanks, Tom in PA
  22. The path is a simple arc generated with 3 points directly in Vectorworks.
  23. This afternoons puzzler. What is the trick to using the 'Exact as fractions/Non-exact as decimals' option in the Units>General Display? This was on previous versions of VW and I was never able to get it to work then and it still will not work for me. I am to assume that if a dimension falls out of the rounding tolerance for fractions it will automatically be displayed a a decimal. Am I correct?? If so, how do I get this option working?? Thanks, Tom in PA
  24. I have always had trouble with the callout, do a search and look at all my past posts on the forum. I have everything from screen flicker when selecting a callout to outright crashes. I still have flicker with 12.5.1 when selecting a callout for revisions or just moving. Just one of those tools........ Thnaks, Tom in PA
  25. I already re-installed 12.5.1 so I could continue working. You mean those is no other place these error's are logged into?? How do ever go back and find out the cause of a problem? Thanks, Tom in PA
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