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  1. Hi, I just check again, I use educational license to do this Please check in my file (V2022) Thanks ACE PHASE 2-V2022.vwx
  2. Dear Benson Shaw, Thank you for your video I just follow this to import pdf, scale and ungroup this drawing into VW And I also use GIS tool to get map. Now how I can make the site model from this? Please check in my file
  3. Dear Benson Shaw, Can you make video tutorial to do this? Thanks
  4. Hi Guy, I import one IFC model into VW but it showing not smooth Please check my ifc model! Thanks ACE PHASE 2.ifc
  5. Hi All, I have one pdf drawing, it is Master plan for project. How I can create site model from this pdf drawing and Location of project in GIS? Then How I can place IFC model to calculate of dig dirt? Please check in attachment for pdf drawing? Thanks Site drawing.pdf
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