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  1. Is it possible to insert a field within the title block that will automatically bring in the file path and name of the file? I assume that this is possible within VectorScript, but cannot see how this is achieved. Ken Rogers
  2. Can I make a plea for some commonsense towards licensing. We currently have 24 seats of VW Architect. Some users need to work at home and they cannot do so because of the nonsense of transferring dongles. We have another (smaller) office that has all AutoCAD seats and I discover that AutoCAD have a home use licensing facility that enables the primary licence to be extended to the PC based at the users home. Why cannot Nemetschek get its act together? I have raised this in the past with the UK distributor but have got nowhere. Ken Rogers
  3. We are a VW site with 24 seats currently running VW Architect 12 rev 1. Our network is a Window network controlled by a Network Server/Domain Controller running Small Back Office Server 2000. All local machines run XP Professional OS. I have the user permissions screwed down pretty tightly, in that amongst other things local machine registries cannot be modified by users. This is a safety measure to prevent software being installed or executable files being run that have not been approved by me as network administrator. We operate roaming profiles, so that any user can use any machine on the network (either in our Midlands or London offices linked via ADSL VPN) and they automatically have their own desktop and application settings. In the case of the VectorWorks application I edit the security settings in the registry which allows full access to the application files by all users. This means that whatever machine a user is logged into, when accessing VectorWorks they access the local machine licence number which relates to the local machine dongle. We have an office standard workspace and also standard templates for A1 & A3 drawings for a range of scales and these are copied off the server in the relevant folders in the VW program directory folder. So far so good, now read on! The main issue is the setting of preferences after installation of the software. For each machine I set the preferences as administrator. I then get each user to log on and edit the same settings all over again for them. When you have done this 24 times you get a bit punch drunk. I am not sure where the various preference settings are held, whether on a data file or in the registry. To give you the complete picture, the VW CD has been downloaded onto the server, and I run the install across the network, which appears to run very happily. However during an extensive trawl through the various places where bits of the VW application live I have come across the install file which indicated :- *** Installation Started 01/20/2006 14:09 *** Title: VectorWorks System Support Source: D:\Support\WINSYS~4.EXE | 10-19-2005 | 16:49:08 | 946147 Date/Time: Following file not copied. File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\MFC71.dll Date/Time: Following file not copied. File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcp71.dll Date/Time: Following file not copied. File Copy: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcr71.dll Does this have any significance, and can the relevant files be copied over to C:\windows\system32 directory manually? It does occur to me that I could write an msi file, but I need to know when the settings are kept so I know which files to copy across and what permissions to set. Any advice and/or suggestions will be welcomed. Ken Rogers IT Manager Horsley Huber Architects Ltd (UK)
  4. We have used XP for two years now, and have run successively 8. 9, 10 and now VW11. Can you describe the behaviour which might give a clue? Ken
  5. I am concerned at the high level of hardware resources use of VW11, which seems even higher than earlier versions. Not only on the local machines but also across the network. The practice has two offices with a VPN link between which seems to get clogged up when VW is being used. As we are in UK all machines are dongled. Raising this issue at the recent VW User Group event in London last week the suggestion was that this could be because of the obsessively complex security monitoring built into the software. What can be done to resolve this please.
  6. Our main network plotter is an Oce 9400. To simplify media stock we always use A0 rolls, which means A1 prints in landscape across the roll. In print set-up we have to say that the "paper" is A0 portrait, and select A1 as the print area. This should then limit the printed page to A1. Problem comes if there is anything outside the print area, even though selecting page 1 of 1 it prints an A0 page with the out of the print area details on. Is this a VW problem, Oce say it is! Any ideas of a workround appreciated. Ken Rogers


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