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  1. Thanks, Travis. What I am hearing (from outside this forum as well) is that HP has not made their printers and/or drivers compatible with Mac, especially OS X. So, with your Epson 7600, you are using a less frequently used computer as the print server, and you are printing non-ps. Does that mean that you don't need RIP software? If you do have RIP software, could you please tell me which one you are using? And how many computers are printing to the Epson 7600 (through the print server)? How are they connected? Is there a router? a wireless connection? Many thanks for your advice.
  2. In our small architectural office, we are running Mac OS 10.2.8 and VW 9.5.3; we'll upgrade the VW eventually, but each upgrade creates all sorts of issues that take so long to absorb.... We are buying a new large format printer to replace our HP450c, and we are considering the Epson 7600 and HP 800ps. A few questions: 1. How does the VW program talk to the printer? Is postscript required? Is RIP software required? Is any of it built into the VW program? 2. The HP has postscript software installed. Is RIP software required for the Epson to print VW drawings? Epson's RIP software is $2000. Is this required or is there a less expensive version that will work (say the Microspot X-RIP 1.6)? 3. I think that the HP can be hooked up to 5 Macs with just a router, no external print server, no additional software: does anyone know if this is true? 4. Can anyone tell me whether the Epson will require an external print server to hook it up to several Macs? 5. The Epson seems to be a better printer, but seems to need a lot to make it work. any reason not to get the HP? Many thanks in advance for your help.


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