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  1. Kindly pls advise me on the following How can I draw a a group of LED Screen align side by side along a radius line trying to align 18 LED Screen (500mm (W) x 500mm (H) along a 9m radius line so that I have 18 Led Screen in a curve layout thanks
  2. Hello to all Sorry to bother Anyone know is there any LD Photometric software that works on Mac . I am trying to Calculate the size of Gobos that I can achive with all kinds of moving fixture Is there any formula that I can use to find out how big of a gobo in size can I achive . Thanks pls advise me
  3. Hi Sorry to bother Pls advise me on the printing problem Using VW 10 on a Mac with a HP Laserjet 1200 How can l print part of the VW , How to print part of the VW that l have enlarge where can l find tips on printing with VW 10 Thanks A Million VW new user Chris


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