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  1. I am creating a circular hedge and would like to have a clouded vegatation line on both sides of the hedge is it possible? I can make one on the outer edge but how do I reverse it for the inside?
  2. How would I rotate an entire drwing .32 degrees?
  3. I have added several plants to the reference database on my computer.When I put a file in the office shared files the other people do not have access to these plants. Can this be fixed without re imputing all the plants again on each computer. Thanks
  4. Can you tell me how to put arrowheads on a polyline?
  5. Sorry I don't understand what you mean by points.
  6. I am trying to do Sample exercise 14 in the VW11 workbood fundamentals. It is a quater circle with lines coming out, like a drawing of the sunshine. The directions say Use the SNAP DISTANCE FEATURE to add 6 tangential lines spaced @ 20% increments along the arc as shown. I don't have any trouble with the 20% increments, but in there a way to make the lines at the outside of the arc without starting in the centre of the circle and then trimming. Hope you can understand this.
  7. I can not make a Line into a plant line, any suggestions. I don't have any trouble with polylines or polygons. Thanks
  8. Thankyou for your help, I tried resetting the origin but that hasn't changed anything. Is there a way I can control the plant tags like I can the callout?
  9. I would like to know how to change the shoulder length of the leader line for the plant or landscape tags, mine are really long.
  10. I have put some new symbols in the 2D plant symbol folder in the resource browser,and when I go to use them from the plant catalog they are there,but sometimes they do not show up in the drawing or they don't stay with the plant in the define plant box. Are there specific settings to use to create symbols for the system folder?I notice that my sysbols are not green, is that neccesary?
  11. Katie, I mean the Plant Reference Database.
  12. Is it possible to duplicate the existing plant Library in Landmark and then delete the plants I don't want.If so how?
  13. I would like to have a plant tag that has a circle with the ID inside and a straight horizontal leader.Similar to the ID label on page A-6 in the Landmark book. Is this possible?
  14. I am their IT support for their network and I believe I have the correct drivers installed - mentioned above. The plotter prints many documents properly yet some it won't print the layers correctly. My Client is unable to use the Plotter and has to resort to his older 350 model to print selected Layers. It would appear to be a driver or VW issue but I can't narrow it down. What is frustrating is my client can't use the plotter he purchased.
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