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  1. Hello, I'm still a bit new at working with VW but not a newcomer to working in 3D. I've been working with 3D in AutoCAD for several years and am still getting accustomed to working on VW running on a MAC. I'm wondering what people would advise about how to approach working on adding surfaces to a 3D object without the ability to see multi-views in VW ver 10. In AutoCAD I could see the front, top and an iso view (for example) all on the screen so that I could make sure the surface was attaching correctly to the object so that when I changed the view there were no surfaces shooting off into space. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks DeuxDesign for replying to my post. I tried the keypad for switching views. Very nice and similar feature to what I did in AutoCAD. However, it still doesn't help me out with drawing in 3D. Let me explain, for example (perhaps I'm so integrated in that AutoCAD allows me to do this particular task), if I wanted to draw a line from one point to another point, not visble in one view, I could in AutoCAD click to another view and continue the line drawing command from my original starting point to the next point in the view from which I could see that next point without the line or object shifting appearing to shift position. Perhaps that is still possible in VW while toggling to another view, but I have not seen how to do that. I snap to a point on an object and switch to another view thinking that the point will still be on the object where I started. Nope. The object or the line has changed position in another view. Am I missing something or is that just the way VW works? Thanks.
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