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  1. Thanks Pat - I'm trying to shave off time from my documentation by using smarter modeling. This model uses 3D angles, round tube and I beams. I also just started reading that there may be a way to put the items in a worksheet if each are symbols with their symbol image, type, weight and length. I have a feeling the project with keep changing and having a ready to go schedule of parts would be amazing and save me lots of manual work. Attaching a sampling. Steel Members.vwx
  2. I found this but still cant figure out what I'm doing!
  3. Hi All - I'm new to tags and trying to use them to display info about two things - 1) Finishes. If I've created a wall and given it a material there are finishes embedded. I'd like to be able to create a label or call out with leader line with finish info for that wall generated by the material. Is this possible? It would save so much typing and ensure accuracy. 2) Steel Members. I'd like to have a label as a call out and leader line that will draw from the type of profile used to create the 3D steel unit, such as W27x94. thanks!
  4. I just tried. • Extract top face • Lower to desired level • Click Analysis Tool in First Mode • Click on Extracted Face • Click on Main Object • Delete Extracted Face to Reveal Path. not bad!!!
  5. I wasn't able to convert to subdivision. I guess its harmless enough to post this piece. Thanks for looking! TestFile.vwx
  6. Its going to take me a moment to wrap my head around this!! Thank you!
  7. I haven't used the Analysis tool before. But the idea of lowering it is interesting. I even tried creating tubes with the top profile as the center of the diameter to get the line on the face but couldn't get all the shapes to subtract out to give me the lines. AHHHH.
  8. I really appreciate it - I will send privately as its an active project and that was just a portion as a "for instance."
  9. Yes I'm able to do that with the top edge but the lines along the face don't match because the face tapers in... and doesn't taper in regularly.
  10. Super smart people! I need to run an extruded shape on the face of this shape at specific distances from the top line on the face. The extruded unit would match the profile of the top but fit the curves at that height. Each side slopes down differently. HELP! Can I make a nurb a certain distance from one nurb to another or split the shape up somehow to facilitate!? Going crazy!
  11. Looks great - is it possible to apply material to one without converting to a generic solid?
  12. Thank you for explaining. I totally understand that choosing to develop a wish is based on many factors - but the subject description for wishlist says all will be recorded and I was wondering how often that happens. Crossing my fingers for this one - of all my wishes I posted this one would make a huge difference for me!
  13. So this wishlist item spent a few weeks in the popular items up top... how does a wishlist item turn the corner and get recorded by an admin?
  14. Agree - after a crash I get some list of files I worked on forever ago! Not helpful. ^^^
  15. Any suggestions for a good vertical mouse? Mine broke and I need that ergonomic type deal. thanks!!!
  16. Hey @Taproot 2 years later have you found a better method? I use the compromise approach. A bit more spaced out hatches when viewed in 1/4" yields bearable FSDs. This drives me crazy and Ive wishlisted hatch scaling for viewports, which would be great once they release the ability to save a Viewport style. You can see the wish up top popular wishes for the last month...
  17. I love the idea of it being called a router tool. The additive element is a neat idea. It could be useful for running a ledger around under a shelf as a support or adding a base shoe to a leg of a 4x4 sign post without retracing anything. The key to all my favorite tools is the ability to come back and adjust later. In fact I wish you could change between chamfer and fillet now. Side note this made me think of: At some point I have some wall improvements I'm going to request too as incorporating base and wainscoting cap into walls (or anything that continues without interruption along the same line would be amazing!
  18. @Pat Stanford Thanks for asking! The chamfer and fillet tools fit really well with the set designer process for me. As we move through the design and get more specific it's really nice to select edge and apply a profile without needing to build another shape to add or extract. I find extrude along path to be very painful to orient and edit... clicking on an edge that you want affected is so intuitive and replicates, at least in my mind, the idea of taking a piece of wood and using a router to add a little detail. I also come back and change the size as I learn more about the overall design. So in short, the latter of your options.
  19. - once you build this can you please include instructions on how to change out @Tom W.s items. @Pat Stanford I have an idea that could make this work for any user and as they continue to add new resources. What if there was a string within the resource name you want to keep that the script searches for... for example if I put the word "unicorn" in the name of every resource I wanted not purged. thanks!
  20. You've hit on my issue - lots of Snappable geometry in a small space. I'll try the smart edges approach. 🧠 It just feels like there could be some intuitive approach as you will almost always be Parallel to something you've drawn when setting a section line. I have other section line improvements as well to request - like bending at a corner that angles and ability to do developed elevation off of a radius.
  21. This is a great idea... I'm working on a project with many angles and I'd like additionally to be able to select a face or line to orient a section line to so I don't have to do it manually - too much opportunity for slight error. Currently when the section line is at an angle I have to draw the section line along a wall that I want to be parallel to and then move it back into place. Maybe something like how different sides of a clip cube hilight... allowing you to click with certainty that your section line matches the plane you want to slice through. Maybe I should submit this as it's own Wishlist item.
  22. found it! https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/assets/docs/Commands_Tools2022.pdf I just googled the name of the document but changed to 2022 😹
  23. @markdd @jeff prince you two gentleman are stellar! I have to do this for work tomorrow and it is insanely helpful to see how to use deform with such precision. Thank you!!!
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