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  1. Hi Benson, Yeah its working, Both grade limits and pads attributes are controlled by classSite>>DTM>>Modifier. Thank you,
  2. Hello Everyone, I have created a site model, then modified the site using pads and grade limits for the flatter and smoother surface on the site. The 2D graphical representation of pads and grade limits are red rectangle - pads, Blue dashed rectangle-grade limits. I have tried to control the 2D graphical representation using classes and changing the graphic property in site model settings, But am unable to achieve it. Could you please help me, how I can achieve it?
  3. Hello, I have create a sheet layer for A3 page (420 X 297) size. But am not able to get the exact page size what I have given. The created page size was 465 X 330 ( paper size) and 455 X 315 (printable area) as shown in fig. Could you please help me how can get the exact A3 page( 420 X 297) size for my sheet layer?
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