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  1. A good deal on a license with a remaining VSS contract. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vectorworks-2014-Designer-w-Renderworks-VSS-/331295623238?
  2. Hi folks. If anyone is interested in a seat for sale at a good price, please send me a message with your interest via the forum. Its a full license with subscription until Nov 1, 2014. Thanks!
  3. I was reading that the new Mavericks OS is finally catching up to OpenGL on the WIndoz side of things. I think alot of us have waited a CAD lifetime to be on par with OpenGL on the mac side. How is VW 2014 set to take advantage of this?
  4. Hi Folks, any chance that renderworks backgrounds can render out an alpha channel with the render ? i.e. instead of choosing a typical background option, I choose the entire background to be a black alpha. I asked about this years ago, and it would be extremely useful.
  5. Hi folks, The help/Air system is definitely as awful and as awkward as it gets. It appeared to me like someone got sold an idea, and then it was just plugged into the release. Adobe represents the very worst of useless feature creep in software today. They make Microsoft look good. I appreciate Alexandra's candid response though. Its refreshing to hear NNA actually explain something. All the features in 2010 seem like a work in progress that have been packaged to keep the revenue cycle fresh. This platform has become so widespread with features and needs, that I dont think we'll get a roundly solid version until the Maya Long Count calendar expires. To my practice its all about interoperability. Exchange, collaborate, export, re-work. From AutoCAD to C4D, pull in some 3DMax, do a bit in Sketchup and send it out in Acrobat. Stuff that just works. Spreadsheets that make sense. Symbol libraries that are quick and easy to use and create and exchange. Lots of different folks working towards the same communication and design/detailing goals. Vectorworks 2010? eh. Still working with vectors, I guess. Maybe adobe is going to release the next Photoshop as Rasterworks 2011.
  6. well, thats because you've fallen asleep playing solitaire... It seems to only happen with rather large imported DWG converted generic solids models.
  7. Hey Vectorworkians! Just discovered an interesting new feature in the new release. Try exporting geometry to v2008. Its very relaxing. Like watching paint dry. If you dont get enough 'spinng rainbow ball of death' time, this is a great way to do that. Now curiously enough, you can export geometry to v2009 pretty cleanly and quickly, and then export it from V2009 running to v2008 pretty quickly and cleanly as well. Just thought I would let you know. I wonder why this new feature hasn't been documented ?
  8. This may be overtly technical or off-topic, but I am wondering how much of the Bodyshop and Translator add-ons are integrated into the current 2009 and up coming 2010 versions of VW. Some of us rely on interoperability with other solid modelers and mesh-based polygonal programs. Can we count on Vectorworks to give us these optimized solutions in the modeling environment ? btw-Unified View? Awesome.
  9. FormZ still does some things better than any application out there. Too bad they develop at a snails pace. It would be very nice to have VW support the emerging COLLADA export for the 3D assets. The other modelers are starting to get on board, and moving models around between workflows is essential for our practice. Someone mentioned to me that Snow Leopard supports viewing COLLADA files at the OS level the other day. Wouldn't it be nice to 'QuickLook' a VW model or project ?
  10. I would love to see them let the parasolid goodness flow, as well. Just make sure I can handle 10 million polygons and still work in the file, because that what the modelers like Rhino and modo and formZ do really well. I dont envy Biplab's job. Revit is the competition everywhere these days, I think for VW. VW is not a modeler. Its not a Renderer or Animator. Its a highly graphic BIM package that is more intuitive than any other BIM package. However, it must still be able to handle the big projects and mesh with firms stuck in the Autodesk tractor beam of endless investment. oh, and 64 bit, asap. : )
  11. Design in 3D has gotten a lot better in Vectorworks, however it doesn't compare to Rhino or Modo. However, with the parasolid engine, there is hope. btw, C4D just went 64 bit on the Mac and PC across the new upgrade and all modules with version 11.5, released this week. We use it quite a bit. Lets hope that the Vectorwork 2010 drum starts beating soon....I think I hear something very faint....
  12. Good point. However, I wasn't thinking that.
  13. we are discussing multi-threading as sitting on the OS side and / or the Application side. And further the issue is complicated by how modeling kernels are supporting this, such as the Parasolid tools. with all respect, Its not the same as multi-processors. Should I bring up that Lightworks is no where near supporting 64 bit on the Mac....
  14. Regardless of what NNA's master plan is for November - be it a rollout of 2010 and an updated 2009, or just an updated 2009, its another sign of a software company out of step with its user base and Mac market. Snow Leopard has been in development for quite a long time, and other products in the same market space are running just fine, certainly not waiting for 10 weeks. For those of us still running earlier versions, the incompatibility is inexcusable. ...its a powerful indication that the Mac CAD market needs better than Vectorworks.
  15. I am now wondering about version 2010 and the multithreading that may or may not be there with the introduction of Mac OS 10.6. If the Os is going to handle the threading calls by the applications, does this mean greater performance with large model data sets and modeling operations ? interesting.
  16. oh and one more thing, while I'm typing away. Vectorworks. Really ? I wonder if Adobe every considered changing Photshop to Rasterworks.... MiniCAD had it half right. 'Mini' certainly was not the right market focus, but I would have more confidence in a SolidCAD anyday, that a Vectorworks. Vectorworks ? Yes ! Lets manage our design and build process with Vectors that work ! OK sorry. I've always wanted to say that.
  17. I agree with the notion that to lead, one doesn't follow. NNA needs to leverage their strengths, not try and wrestle a 2000 kilo gorilla. What it seems is no longer clear is what are their strengths ? The parasolid integration is definitely a strength. The non-autoCAD approach to 2d pioneered in Blueprint is a strength. Platform interoperability is a strength. Price and maintenence is strength as long as its perceieved as equally supported in the community. Vectorworks started screwing up when they hired an 'industry expert' to tell the community that BIM wasn't going to go anywhere. Now the AIA doesn't even talk about Vectorworks as a BIM application. Firm's IT decsision makers still consider it a toy, and some of that is true, when you compare it to the resources AutoDesk brings to the business side of supporting a firm. I agree with Christiaan. Get the tools out of the way. Designers need to move past tools and have interfaces 'that just work'. The DWG integration has been a wonderful way of 'playing well with others' in a project flow. No creative group is going to use all of the same tools, the same way. The successful communities around software will only thrive if they can work together and exchange things. If I were NNA, I'd stop paying salaries to those who try and limit the application in market or dont bring alliances to the table. Perhaps Vectorworks isn't a true BIM, becasue it simply can perform in large project and workgroup situations. Maybe that the dirty little secret, ey ? Maybe Nemetschek is just not the sugar daddy that NNA needs. WE have projects that Vectorworks can barely handle coming out of 3DSMax and formZ. Without a robust modeling environment that is rock-solid and interoperable, no firm can take advantage of better BIM processes. Lastly, if you dont have a dealer network that can advocate and sell above and beyond a Call Center, NNA will be forever trapped in a direct, limited sales channel. Business and Innovation dont happen without incentive.
  18. Thanks for your insight. Thats why I held back from 2009. I want to move forward when I am able to use the full complement of the parasolid modeling tools. I am eager to see what kind of model size the next version can handle. I was watching someone use the new modo, and the amount of solids it can handle is simply stunning.
  19. well that's what I would guess, but you never know. 2009 does not seem to be getting the highest of praise. I am guessing the AutoCAD once-a-year revenue model is now the default. Interesting there are so few comments, but quite a few views of the subject.
  20. Does anybody have a clue as to when the next release is supposed to land ?
  21. I'd like to remind you that if it weren't for Maxon and the French subcontractor, you would have no solution. I would suggest you save your ire for NNA. those of us that depend on the plugin should just speak their language - "no cooperation, no upgrade". Of course I've decided to convert all my work to Renderworks, becasue in Vectorworks 2010, coming out in May 2008, Renderworks will not only be better than C4D, Maya or 3Dstudio, but will pad my hours and bill them for me, while I'm napping. good night, and good luck.
  22. Ha ! Yes, Vectorworks 2009 is rumored to break no plug-ins, work with everything perfectly and be a free upgrade AND be delivered in February 2008, a month earlier. right. As long as NNA continues to compete against the strengths of companies like Maxon, Autodesk will continue its dominance, in the marketplace. Just my opinion.
  23. NNA is really the stick in the mud, regarding the plugin, IMHO. Maxon develops the plugin via 3rd party developer in France, I believe. They must wait to get Vectorworks2008 in their hands, to update the plugin. Its no coincidence that as NNA began to market the Renderworks side of their platform, that they abruptly stopped selling the plugin as an NNA product, forcing most of us to rely on the superb folks at Maxon to keep everybody happy. Instead of promoting Vectorworks as a serious platform and modeler that plays well with AT LEAST, it own sister companies, they've realeased 2008- a sad attempt at a major release with more graphics and packaging than actual usefulness, and gosh ! Sketchup 6 import is a not a bug fix, its a feature ! (oops, still not fixed) As a long-time user of both products, I see Maxon increasing their market share and commitment to their user base, and just more smoke coming from NNA. Renderworks is a pathetic tool beyond basic visualization, and the fact that they are tyring to market it on par with major renderers just cracks me up. Try to render one of your projects with Ambient Occlusion or Radiosity settings in Renderworks. Its a serious joke. Take a large polygonal project and do a competant Final Renderworks with more than 6 lights. Note to Dan Monahan "Renderworks- its almost better than using your markers and airbrush when youre drunk" Ironically, Archicad, decided to keep the few strengths it had, and relegate the rendering and sub-dibvision modeling side to Maxon, and its now a stronger product for it. This is what I believed NNA was destined to do a few years back, but they hitched their wagon to the Lightworks engine, and decided they could impliment (or at least market it in brochures) it better than those who had been implementing Lightworks for years (with a code base than can handle more than 500K polygons) . Its a shame they make it harder for all of us by trying to be all things, to all people. But take heart folks, I hear Vectorworks 2009 is coming out in March. Its gonna be really fantanstic.
  24. I am trying to import a sketchup model (about 24 mb) into 12.5. The program just hangs on import, and I go into Spinning Technicolor Beachball Hell, and eventually force quit the program. I've tried a number of import options on the VW side. Is there some documentation on the import I've missed ?
  25. As a dealer, I have information that the plugin is 'in the works' and could be released in conjuction with or shortly after 10 is shipping. BTW, Maxon says first week in November right now.
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