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  1. Hi All Can anyone direct me to a tutorial for cutting a driveway into a slope on the terrain model so that it lines up with the building platform. I can easily create a pad for my building but I want to cut a driveway at an angle across the site (cut one side and fill and retain the other) such that it lines up nicely with the building platform. The driveway also needs to curve slightly and go up 4m over about 20m length. I've always struggled with this because if you use 2 pads you can't join them without a tiny little bit of terrain sticking up where the site modifiers have to be clear of each other.. There must be a simple way to do all this surely? Help Appreciated
  2. So...I bought a 3DConnexion CADMouse Pro and although it is a bit difficult to use currently I'm just going to persist with it as it has solved my issue. One interesting thing though, the swap middle and right mouse button command in the mouse settings doesn't appear to work. Is this common? I would have liked to have my middle finger as the right mouse button and my ring finger as "middle button" on the extreme right?
  3. Hi Jeremy - Thanks, but I'm not a Mac, PC. I don't have to change permissions when swapping from 2017 all the way to 2020. But 2021 doesn't recognize it even though I have specifically instructed it to in the mouse software (Which I don't need to do for other VW versions). I don't think the OS is "blocking it" as it works for all other programs and the basic functions work correctly within 2021, just not my programmed buttons. Might try a different Mouse 🙂
  4. Hi LDraminski - It's a Logitech M510. I've been using it since 2017 without issue. Cheers
  5. Hi All Recently I started using 2021 but my Logitech mouse has lost most of its functionality. I've been using the same mouse since 2017. It still works fine on 2020 but loses its brains on 2021. Does anyone know why? I've told the Logitech mouse to accept 2021 as an application (something I've never had to do before) but it made no difference. It sure is frustrating as my mouse shortcuts are totally ingrained in my workflow now. Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers
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