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  1. thank you Mr.(Mrs.) JHEarcht. I don't think graphic card and resolution problem. I think the problem is at the thing not to support unicode program at VW 10 or 11. For instance, I set Control pannel/Nature and Language options/Advanced/ to English(America). And then, the problem of tiny text is not seen. VW is very clear. But another problem appears. The problem is not save and open VW file. My windows system is korean. But I still very well used VW 8 or 9. The Problem start from VW 10.
  2. I have a problem Vectorworks 10.5 & 11.0 on Windows XP and Windows2003 server: Some tool dialog boxes, such as Unit, Move have tiny, almost unreadable text in the box. Box headers, menu & toolbar text and drawing text are OK. Please teach me any ideas. Thanks
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