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  1. Several higher end 3D packages support renderings that only show the outline of curved parts, and not all the segments used to make up the part. We print our drawings in "Final Hidden Line" mode and our curved walls appear solid black. The workaround of "converting to lines" and erasing is too time consuming.
  2. I'm using a G4/400 running OS9. Our drawings typically consist of many saved sheets, each with multiple views of 3d models, typically 3 orthos and 1 iso. When switching between saved sheets, the linked views loose their orientation when I leave a sheet and come back to it. The iso view reverts to a plan view, or a front elevation reverts to a side elevation. Also, on a few occasions, the dimensions don't line up when coming back to a saved sheet. Playing with the rendering settings sometimes remedies the situation. I suspect video driver problems in the case of the dimensions, but constantly reseting 4 views per page is just too many trips to the layer pull down and can get tiresome on the index finger. Any help/insight would be fantastic.


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