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  1. I don't have access to a large format printer so I use the ones I have to print parts of plans or renderings. It would be great if I could select a part of a drawing and print only that part. As it is now, I have to change the scale to focus in on the part I want to print and then figure out which page it would be on. Thanks
  2. Let's say that I'm looking at the front view of a drawing. I'm looking thru the front wall, the back wall and all the walls inbetween. I want to modify one of the walls in the middle. I want to give it a clipped corner to allow for a roof. How do I select and work with that wall and only that wall. Thnaks
  3. I'm working on the second floor of a building. When I draw a wall (or anything for that matter) the object always appears on the ground floor. There must be a way to have it sit on the floor I'm working on isn't there? Thanks Mark
  4. Do you know that there is a weird little bug that freezes VW when it's asked to render something while a CD is playing via the Mac Audio Player? Bums me out when I forget. Mark
  5. In the Stair dialog there are options for Offset 1, Offset 2 as well as "Separation". Both the Offsets make the landing longer. I can't find anything to make a landing wider without making the stairs wider as well. I can't see what "Separation" does at all. Anyone out there have a clue? Thanks Mark
  6. How about being able to navigate through Dialog boxes with the keyboard. On Macs, if a dialog came up that had "Yes" and "No" as options you'd be able to hit the Y or N key to respond. An example would be the Auto Save feature. The dialog asks if you want to save the document with No as the default. If you want to save you have to grab the mouse and click Yes. Clicking Y on the keyboard would be faster for me since I use the keyboard a lot. Thanks Mark
  7. I have two windows in a house that look the same but act different. In the Object Info dialog one shows "Simple Window in Wall" the other shows "Simple Window". The Simple Window acts like a real window i.e. I can see through it. The "Simple Window in Wall", in 3D view is solid. I made them the same way, I took them out of the wall and they both read "Simple Window" in the dialog, but once I put them back in their respective walls, they reverted to their old titles and functions. What's the difference? Thanks Mark
  8. I've been playing around with the Subtract Solids command. Everytime I use it I get a dialog box that tells me that there is something that I have selected that is unusable and that the program has deselected it. Selecting Subtract Solids... a second time then works fine. I'm quite sure that nothing was selected the first time that wasn't selected the second time. Is this a bug in the program? or am I missing something? Thanks Mark
  9. Wes, Wouldn't the top inside edge of the wall and the bottom of the rafter (if it was correctly positioned) be the same? Are you saying to make the roof face, view the difference of the inside edge of the wall and bottom of the rafter, make the calculation, go back to the roof face command and then modify the z? Mark
  10. I've just extruded a complicated eve/overhang trim detail. How do I "miter" (cut at a 45 degree angle) it to continue around the corners of the house? Thanks Mark
  11. Greetings, I'm trying to put together a roof using the Roof Face command. So far so good but I can't figure out how to position the rafter on the top of the wall. If I have a 12 inch thick rafter, a 6 inch thick wall and the pitch is 12 (an easy example). How do I position the roof face using the roof face command so that it sits correctly on the top plate? Thanks Mark
  12. I'm trying to cut a hole for a stairwell into a floor that was made using the Floor... command. Subtract Solids... doesn't seem to work. I changed the floor back to its regular polygon, then extruded it (seems like the Floor... command did the same thing) and then was able to use the Subtract Solids... command. Am I on the right track? Am I missing something? As another note, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me out and everyone who will help me in the future. Mark
  13. I moved the page on one layer of a drawing I'm working on. Now it doesn't line up with the other layers when I use "Show Others" in the "Organise" menu. How do I get it back in line with the other layers. This is plan view I'm talking about. Thanks Mark
  14. I'm new at this and I've never had any training in drafting but I built houses for 13 years so I understand plans pretty well. How to I find the measurements for an object rather than the relative position of all the points? I can't seem to find that information anywhere. Let's say I draw a box in 3D space. Where/How can I find the size of the box? Many thanks Mark
  15. Let's say I have a house that is generally square but the entryway is indented about three feet from the neighboring walls. I want the roof to flow across those walls and not jog in at the entryway indent. How do I put a beam across the indent and make the roof follow it? Thanks, Mark [This message has been edited by Mark (edited 07-01-2000).]
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