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  1. Can you share a sample file to test?
  2. @Cristiano Alves I'm sure we'd like to see examples of what you're describing. At the end of the day, communication is about what the listener understands.
  3. You can filter by many things. Unfortunately, classes are not included as many items have many sub-classes within them.
  4. If you can post a file, we can take a look.
  5. I'm with @Mike Rock on this. Larger viewports for the details. Here's a rough example. You can make as many and as large as needed to give your crew the necessary details.
  6. It should compare to all inventories with a check in the use column. However, the comparison is looking at the plug-in version of the symbols vs. the symbol version at the moment.
  7. Hello. 1. Are you speaking about the resulting key or the list of items available to be included when you have the dialog open? Either way, the list will always show you what it being used in the drawing. However, it should show only one of an item even if you're using dozens. If you have 100 TC1212 truss, the list should only show one TC1212 to be included in your key. 2. the category is based on the object type and is not editable. We can't call a light a rigging object. You -could- remove the records from symbols to make them non-PIO symbols, but then you'd remove all the functionality of the symbol. If you have a sample file to help us understand what you're looking to do, it would help us understand your needs. Thanks, Scott
  8. The units' outline likely has lines in a class other than "Mistral TC." Change that to ALL and you should see results.
  9. You should be able to do a rotation by selecting all and rotating with your start point at zero,zero.
  10. Hello Damien, These are great comments. I will add restore "hide unused equipment" as an enhancement request for further development. The collection of available GDTF profiles is increasing in the shared resource library, and we're working on making it easier to incorporate them. Currently, the proper GDTF mode is displayed when adding the Plug-In version of the light. The symbols are getting the "1" and are on our list to remove or replace with the mode. Grabbing the channel count is tricky. If you have one type of light but use some with one mode and others with another mode, they get split in the Key into different items. This presents a conflict when using the same symbol. We're collecting comments and working on solutions. DMX footprint could replace the GDFT mode, and I'll put in an enhancement request. Perhaps a setting to choose what data field to show which would pull from the attached GDTF file. Yes. Thanks, Scott
  11. The truss shouldn’t be a sub part of the light. Can you share the file with me?
  12. If you open the resource manager and search for "table," you'll see hundreds of results. Once you find the table shape you like, you can duplicate and edit the style that closely matches your needs and insert the table of your choice.
  13. If you make a worksheet for lighting devices and include the DMX column, you can sort by DMX, and those items 'should' appear at the start/end of your worksheet.
  14. The new Equipment Summary Tool filters are in the build window, and you can create a filter-by-layer filter. Once the filter is active, it shows all items available within the criteria selected. You are correct, however, that we currently do not have a way of filtering the key again after it has been built. This is on our list of improvements.
  15. The only way to get an approximate weight of those two vertical trusses would be to add hoists to the corner junctions and calculate. The calculation would estimate the selected system and NOT give you accurate deflection calculations for the corner blocks relating to the gear hung on the horizontal spans. Engineers would do their structural analysis of the overall system once you give them the lists of gear placed on the system. Braceworks reports are a great place to start the conversation with structural engineers, who always have the final say.
  16. Hello @matteo17 Can you post a screenshot of what you're trying to do? As for objects on the ground, Braceworks does not currently calculate loads without using hoists.
  17. This is what I do with one extra step. If you edit your Label Legend and duplicate the fields you want to magnify the text for, you can control what is shown in each viewport via classes. Let's say you want the channel and unit numbers to be huge. Make a new class for each, i.e., label/channel-huge and label/unit number-huge In the LL, duplicate the channel and unit number fields. Assign them to the Huge classes and change their text size. Once done, you can show/hide the classes in the viewports. I ignored the containers, as you can see. It's about the clarity of the numbers for the crew to read.
  18. I made a video a while back that might be helpful. I'm not sure, as I made it before Magnets showed up.
  19. True. It's based on the insertion point. I'm not saying this is good or not. Certainly, something to think about.
  20. It's on our list of wishes. No ETA on the horizon, though. The issue is that Virtual Parts are assigned to the entire type of objects, not the symbols themselves. We're keeping this in mind as the tool is further developed.
  21. A quick workaround to get you going is to insert a new column and then copy/paste the database field from an existing VP. Then, change the number at the end of the string to 4, 5, 6, etc. It should pull the next virtual part into the worksheet.
  22. Yes, it was a bug. It's been fixed for an upcoming release.
  23. Correct. The info about parts is attached to items once they are in the drawing itself. This doesn't preclude anyone from adding a custom counting record to their symbols, which can then be reported using worksheets. The added parts via records are not currently seen by the inventory system.
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