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  1. On 3/25/2024 at 11:22 AM, ChollyO said:

    for all of our in-house fixtures so that I can turn them on/off easily using our classing system

    Have you played with the custom class settings in the spotlight preferences dialog? You can choose any field shown in the OIP for a light for the unit class. 

    Here's a video with two methods for changing class names for symbols, which will help you build a custom library with the needed classes. 
    It might be easiest to use the instrument type for the classes which removes the need to do the custom record editing I show.





  2. @LeeElston I don't know why placing the data tag as an annotation in a viewport strips it of its color. I've asked the tech support team and await a reply. However, if you place the data tags in your design layer, the colors show in the viewport.



  3. @ldeikis Data cables? Are you trying to connect two cables to devices, power and data? When the cable tools were rebuilt to support 3D and Braceworks calculations and add power calculations, Vectorworks's first round dealt with power. Sadly, data was left for the future. The cables enter connection info for power circuit connections but not the data cable connections into the OIP of devices with both fields.

    You have the option to restore the old version via the Workspace Editor. They're listed in the folder tree shown in this screenshot.




    If I were still doing shows and didn't need the 3D/power functions offered by our current tools, I would use the expanded functionality of @Sam Jones's version of the old cable tools offered in Autoplot. As the current Spotlight Product Planner here at VW HQ, I can say the cable tools are in active development to bring back all the power of the old tools and then some. I've been a thorn in some sides about this. 😇  Sam's reports are amazing.


    If I do not understand the issue and it's not about data being separate, please share a file so we can take a look.

  4. I'm doing some research, but it's unlikely going to be something we can do at the moment. The issue is that the speaker tool places a parametric object that represents the speaker symbol. The cable tool doesn't look inside parametric objects yet. 
    I started going down a rabbit hole of grouping a speaker version of your symbol with a distributor version, and then making a grouped symbol. This had some success but became wonky if I tried to move things around.
    Cable tool improvements are actively being worked on and making connections to plug-in objects is a high priority. I'll keep you posted.

  5. On 3/12/2024 at 6:58 PM, Luke Wyn-Harris said:

    just edit all of them so that they are all vertical.

    You can edit the symbol and it should update all the copies. You might need to exchange them though. It's the same process as I showed in the video when I edited the top bar.

  6. On 3/13/2024 at 6:26 AM, Stefan B. said:

    Since drawing the truss in a drawing makes VW crash,

    We likely want a copy of this file. Having files we know will crash when repeating the same steps is gold for the programmers. Can you share?

  7. Hello Michael,
    Yes, there was a change, and classes were not included in the filtering system. I apologize for this oversight, and it's on my list for the future.
    To use the current tool, I suggest using layers or hanging positions to filter by. You could make each movie set into a hanging position and quickly add a mini-position summary for each.
    I think you'll find it robust once you get used to it. Update four, which has some additional improvements, should be released soon.

    As time is likely of the essence, you could add the old version back to your workspace via the edit workspace tool, and you'll find the instrument summary in the list of legacy tools.
    I'm happy to chat if you need some help.

    Thanks, Scott



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