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  1. You may get faster help if you contact Joshua via his support page. https://benghiatlighting.com/software/support/
  2. @Charlie Winter Your symbol key is slow for me as well. We're looking at it.
  3. So it sounds like it's something related to the filtering. What happens if you delete the unwanted items vs. filtering them out?
  4. If we could get copies of the files for testing, it would be very helpful. Thanks, Scott
  5. A couple of observations and a specific solution from my PoV. Both Mark and Andy offer excellent suggestions on construction/editing the path polyline. I have one more to offer. This is true for many but not all. Some prefer to space them evenly for either looks or the slight advantage of offering a bit less stress on the slider bar. 8'10.5" for all is ever so slightly less fatiguing on the slider then extending them fully to 10'. Of course, local practice varies. Personally, I'd send 12 panels of drape just in case and if they use it, great. If not, it's a spare. To draw exactly what you want so you get the count you want, try this: drape tool. Start your line, hit the tab key and type in 30' followed by enter and then click where needed. Continue your line for another 6' and double click to end. (You could also hit tab again and enter 6' to be exact.) In the OiP, enter your drape panel width of 58" Change the "Vertical Tied Fullness (%)" to 40. This gives you three panels for the 10' sections and two for the 6' section.
  6. If only for scale, the fastest method is simply extruding a 1'x2' oval to 6' +/- a bit. Otherwise, Pat mentions Image props. Search the resource manager for "people" and use the resulting image props found.
  7. Short answer, no. But... For visual representation of what you're doing, try this. Use the hoist tool and place a hoist on the motor side of the tower. Use the hoist tool again and this time choose a "Hoist Chain Link" symbol as your hoist for the no-hoist chain side. Play with the hoist up/down setting to move the hook. Caution when making worksheets to count your hoists. It'll report two for the above. Easy to filter out all "Hoist Chain Link" objects to ignore. hth, Scott
  8. Are you placing the summary for the first time in the drawing you're working in? Or has you already built the first one and now you're placing it again? How many different symbols is it trying to include? I get beach balls when I have a large number of items and the tool is trying to build the list of symbols to include on its own.
  9. For those of you who layout cables, what are your preferred line types and/or colors? Do you use solid lines for some cables and dashed for others? Do you use color coding for your various cables? Do you assign the above for each cable type? How do you control these settings? Per cable type? Per class in which the cables are assigned? I'm starting with these four main cable types: Feeder, Multi, Jumpers, Data. Further, how do lighting, audio, video, etc. cables differ from each other with regards to above? If you have examples to share, I'd love to see them. Thanks, Scott
  10. I had the exact same issues when I started using BW. Change the Braceworks Preferences to "Usability" when you're comparing to hand-done math. This turns off the added safety factors. Best, Scott
  11. Totally different question on ramps. If I were to create a report to send to your favorite ramp vendor, which would be the bare minimum to share when ordering a ramp? Height? length? Height & Length? Height & Slope? Do I need to spec the width? Remember, this will likely be with a vendor which whom you've worked with before. I need more than "send me six 4x8's with 2' legs and one matching ramp."
  12. cga, Note that the only thing you can't do without the actual Braceworks license is the calculations. All the connectivity functions of Braceworks are baked into Spotlight. Best, Scott
  13. @C. Strong Touring I had the same issue of not being able to see the recording. Were you using Chrome? When I switched to FireFox, it worked. I'd like to track this issue down. Thanks, Scott
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