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  1. Hi, just wanted to give you an update on what happened with me & dad. My dad was adamant about getting a Mac, and we got a G5 after an impromptu stop by the Apple Store. This started the upgrade cycle, with VectorWorks 11, a new large-format printer (the driver for the old one printed jaggy curves), and a Canon scanner. Everything we got works better than before. Thanks for the VectorScript tip. We'll try it next time I go for a visit. Alesks
  2. Thanks to everyone for their replies. I plan on purchasing VectorWorks plain. I've been a strong proponent of moving away from OS X, but now I'll reconsider and let the dad decide. Mac or PC is such a personal question. The purchase is not totally a surprise, he knows it is coming, but he trusts me with the computer decisions, since I end up supporting him and all his crazy cameras/plotters/printers combos.
  3. Hi, I'd like to surprise my dad with an upgrade to the latest VectorWorks. He is an architect, I am the geek in the family. He is currently running MiniCAD 6 on Mac OS 9 (some old PowerPC) and the time has come for a software/hardware upgrade. I'd like to hear your opinion on a few questions: Which VectorWorks? - I assume that VectorWorks Architect 11 is the right upgrade to get. He mostly does 2D drawings now, and loves MiniCAD's ease of use. Which hardware? - I used to love the Macs, but I've switched to PCs in late 90s. I am thinking of upgrading dad to a modern PC. The reasons are that I have to be his sysadmin, and learning OS X is not trivial. Any advantages/disadvantages of running VectorWorks on a PC vs. OS X? Upgrade path? - What's the file upgrade path between MiniCAD6 and VectorWorks 11? Are the files compatible between a Mac and a PC? Thanks in advance, Aleks
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