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  1. It has already been updated to SP2. Glenn
  2. Has anyone else had problems with SL2008 and really slow convert to instrument/numbering processes? I've been working on a plot for 2.5 hours now because it takes at least 5 minutes each time I convert to an instrument, enter a position, and number. Sometimes longer to do all three tasks. No other applications running, Windows Vista, some new high speed dual core processor, 2G of ram. There's less than 200 units...I should have been done the entire plot by now. Glenn
  3. I had the same results with both avenues. Glenn
  4. Hi everyone...I've tried searching for this issue before and haven't found a previous topic so I apologize if I missed an answer somewhere else. I have a lighting plot that includes scenic layers (actually tradeshow booths) and when I gray the scenic layers, nothing within those layers' objects will print. Any items outside of the layers' boundaries will print, the rest of the sheet is blank. With the layers on everything is fine. I have not tried invisible because that still wouldn't help my dilemna. The grayed layers are below the lighting plot in the stacking order. Thanks for any tips...btw the printer is HP 100.
  5. I think Mickey's issue applies to all hybrid objects. You can only rotate a hybrid symbol about the z access. It seems impossible to rotate a symbol from a horizontal orientation to a vertical orientation without converting to a group first.
  6. Steve B....I appreciate all your efforts, but I don't know how to explain it further. I'm not interested in changing the direction the unit will focus. I have two labels that are placed next to each other. One is circuit and one is circuit number. Depending on how I rotate a unit in the drawing, the labels appear as either {circuit}{circuit number} or {circuit number}{circuit}, eg A1 or 1A. I want to flip the unit so that the information appears consistently in the drawing {A1 not 1A}, not refocus the unit. This is accomplished through VW using the rotate (flip horizontal) or rotate (flip vertical) command, but I have to do it one unit at a time. In any case, I'm confident Autoplot has the script I'm looking for and once the new version is ready I'll be using that. Thanks again everyone for your ideas.
  7. Thanks for all the responses. Unfortunately, I think my predicament is still confusing. I'm not trying to flip a unit from an US focus to a DS focus, or SL to SR. I want to simply flip it about it's long axis. Imagine spinning it so the gel clip is at the top of the light instead of the bottom. Selecting the individual unit and flipping it horizontally or vertically depending on it's orientation does the trick, but I have to do it one unit at a time. glenn
  8. Hey Mickey...To rotate a hybrid, you need to convert it to a group first, rotate it, then create a new symbol with the new orientation.
  9. AutoPlot...I did have adjust flipped text selected. The problem isn't that the text itself is flipped, the problem is that my symbol is set up with a field for "circuit name" and one for "circuit number". When a unit is rotated, the two fields flip but the text is fine. I'm just trying to keep a uniform label through the drawing. Steve...if I understand the mirror tool correctly, your suggestion will mirror the units to the opposite side of the reference line. I want them to stay in place and rotate about their own axis. Thanks...
  10. Hello...Does anyone have a method for grabbing multiple instruments and rotating them in place. ie, all units on a truss flipped vertically but remaining in their X,Y position. I ask because inevitably all of the instruments on one pipe or another will flip their circuit name and number positions turning the label "A1" into "1A". It's very tedious flipping the individual units. Perhaps a question for the script page? Thanks..
  11. Thanks for the guidance...Next issue: Why are me record entries not displaying? I've attached a record and it shows it's attached in the OI palette when I edit the symbol. I've linked the fields to the record in the symbol, yet when I insert the symbol and enter the data, it doesn't display in the drawing. If I enter the data while the symbol is in edit mode it displays. What have I missed? Thanks... Digging deeper I've found more details. My border symbol is made up of two symbols. One for the border and rev. notes area, a second of the title block itself. If I insert the single title block symbol, the records display properly. Thanks some more. [ 08-13-2004, 10:27 AM: Message edited by: focuseddesign ]
  12. Hello All...I'd appreciate suggestions on the proper or at least best way to insert a border/title block into drawings. I print on 8.5x11, 13x19, and 24x36 for various reasons. I guess the first thing is, should the border/block be a symbol? Should I have a symbol for each sheet size, or does one typically scale the symbol as appropriate? Should I be using a workgroup reference even though I'm the whole group? Should I be placing the border on a design layer or sheet layer? Thanks for your input.
  13. Peter...thanks for the signature tip. First, amateur refers only to VW experience, and perhaps "hack" would be a better term! Second, I was under the impression when you insert a symbol drawn in the none class it would take on the attributes of the active class (with "use at creation" selected). By having to edit the symbol to my desired class, I not only have to duplicate some of the work, it duplicates the resource and asks the use/replace/rename question repeatedly. In addition, the symbols I'm using are included in the VW spotlight package, so they're already assigned the none class. Thanks...
  14. Hello all...amateur user getting frustrated here. I'm in the middle of a drawing that has a rapidly approaching deadline. When I insert a symbol that was drawn in the "none" class, it does not pick up the attributes of the active class. "use at creation" is turned on for the active class. Only after I edit the symbol and change the components to my preferred class does it respond. What am I missing? Thanks... Glenn
  15. "Re read the manual (VW and LW) for information about mapping, especially about importing first record and blank spaces. Getting the mapping correct is vital." These are all key words to my success. I misread somehow the blank spaces portion. Tech support helped me iron it out, although I'm embarrassed that he did nothing more than read me the manual! Thanks for the response.
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