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  1. Great, thanks again. I will set up a template file.👍
  2. Thanks, that's great. Is there a way to save my new Dim Standard to all furture drawings? I only ask because I opened a new document and my new "Dim Std" was not available. I would like for it to be always available going forward.
  3. Hello, when I dimension something the actual numbers appear above the line. For tidiness/presentation I drag each box down on to the line. Is there a way to preset this up so that the box/numbers are always on the box? Also are there ways to preset dimension preferences. eg... The leader lines are removed, decimal places, etc... Thanks.
  4. Hello, when I draw a rectangle and it turns white, to show it's enclosed. For me it's a different colour. I change it back in attuites but it doesn't stay like the the next day, or in a new drawing. Does anyone know what I've pressed or selected? Thanks.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm in over my head but will slowly go through all that was mentioned here over the coming months.
  6. Maybe what I mean is... can I make new classes that are there within the Vectorworks classes menu list always... if you know what I mean?
  7. Hi, When I make a new class, is there a way to save it so that when I reopen the drawing, at a later date, that class is there for me? At the moment it's not there after opening it again.
  8. Thanks, I will just, (as you suggested) make Keyboard short cuts. I'll take a look for the Wishlist section, thanks.
  9. Thanks for that. How would I change the cursor settings within VW itself? There are different way to present and use the cursor?
  10. Hi, Is there a way to set Open GL, Wireframe, ClipCube to the new Smart Menu that appears when the cursor idles? Thanks.
  11. Hi, how do I change the cursor size/presentation in VW? Thanks.
  12. Yes that is the box, but now when I double click to bring this up for cropping or Annotating, its a different smaller box that appears, with no options to select on it. It just informs me. Anyway, I will be at work soon and can try what you suggest. I can also post fully what the popup window says if what you suggest doesn't do the trick. Thanks.
  13. Hello, Yesterday when I double clicked on the object in my drawing, to open the window to allow me to crop or annotate it for viewports... the normal window didn't open. Instead something popped up (can't remember fully what it said) mentioning a camera, as though I'd earlier clicked on something I should not have. When I get back to work I will add what the pop said in full, but for now I just wanted to post incase someone had an idea of what is wrong. Thanks.
  14. Ok, so no mechanical strength testing. Can I ask a few other questions? Is there the function that automates a cutting list and bill of materials?
  15. "run your scripts/objects"? Could you please explain this a little... or post a link? Thank you.
  16. If anyone knows about this function, could you please reply as I'm itching to test a few things?
  17. Hello, what is the Vectorworks "Stress Testing" tool called? How do I test things I make? Thanks.
  18. Hello, I've just got VW 2021 on my work computer. When I drag and drop using the "Cabinet 3D tool" VW crashes? I'm at a loss to understand what is going on. Has anyone an idea/experience of what is happening? Thanks.
  19. Thanks. "Worksheets", I didn't even know what to call it. Now I have a word to use as a search. Thanks. PS. Nice photos on Instagram.
  20. Hello, I am new to VW and am wondering is there a way to (or how do people do) catalogue/record all hardware, (screws, handles, etc...) used on a job? I want to be able to do this so that for any given item I'll know when there's only X amount left and I have to buy more.
  21. Where do I find the Custom Cabinet tool in VW Architect?
  22. Thanks, I've done all this. I will post back in a day or two. Oh, apologies I just reread your post. I was not getting Windows crashes, only VW. It would just crash and close down to desktop. Anyway, will will see today what happens, maybe what you've suggested will work?
  23. Hello, my version of VW (2019) crashes from time to time (once or twice a day) after it is given a command. Earlier in the year the motherboard broke and it had to be sent back to the shop it was built in. Since it has come back, it now crashes randomly when given a command. Has any one ever experienced something like this and if so what was the fix?
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