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  1. HuntlyPO

    HP T1100

    Anyone out there using an HP T1100? Especially with Mac's. We are about 100 miles from the nearest reseller of HP plotters, so we need to rely on recommendations from you kind folks. Thanks for any and all advice.
  2. HuntlyPO

    HP T1100

    We are looking at finally replacing our ancient HP 500ps. We use Macs with OS 10.4 and are still limping along with VW11.5. Anyone tried out the new NP T1100 plotter? Is it faster? How about the embedded PostScript 3 RIP? Does that mean we don't need the T1100ps? not really sure what that all means. Help? Suggestions? Many thanks huntly
  3. We finally "rotated" the contents of the two layers on each document. The .pdf files of the rotated documents were in the range 370 - 512 Kb. The .pdf files created prior to rotating were between 5.7 and 31.2Mb. They were all emailed and we've had favorable replies, so they didn't cause any trouble. We don't know why it worked, but it did. Would switching to 12.5 solve this problem in the future? Thanks for everyone's advice. Kathryn
  4. It was set for the HP 6800 series. . On a whim I changed it to the HP 500PS and saved as .pdf file - 6.5MB again. I tried rotating the photos 4 times and than saving them - 6.5MB. thanks for your help. Kathryn
  5. Katie, Thanks for your suggestions. Each of the photos was turned into a .jpg file and none of them is larger than 1.2MB. They each reside on the same layer on each 8.5 x 11 page. I noticed that the files with the 4 photos that were "rotated" were the four small sized files. I may rotate the others 4 times and see if that changes the size of the resulting .pdf file. Any other ideas? Kathryn
  6. Thanks for taking this on, The entire VW file is just over 19MB. Within that file are the thirteen 8/5 x 11 drawings that were each saved as separate pdf files. The drawings each contain 1 - 4 jpg photo(s), each photo is about 800kb. How do I check the compression of - each drawing? or of the whole file? I'm kind of new to this.
  7. We are using OSX. We have copied 1 jpeg photo to each 8.5 x 11 page with title blocks. there are 13 pages in all on one VW sheet, three have more than one photo and each photo is about 880kb. When I save each 8.5 x 11 page as a .pdf file - using the Print menu - I end up with mostly 6.5MB files and larger. Two of the files are in the 350kb range and I cannot find a difference between them and the big ones. The large files are too big to email. what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help,
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