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  1. OS X.3, VW 11 Can double-clicking a group, and entering edit group be changed to the previous VW10 default of "command[" ?
  2. At our office, we have elevations or perspectives with several windows and doors, so it would require quite a bit of time removing extra lines that aren't necessary.
  3. Sorry, specifically around windows and doors.
  4. Has anyone come across the problem of having a few extra lines appear when you render an elevation or perspective in hidden line? Any solution is appreciated
  5. Creating 3D models is a bit of extra work for my office, so I found it helpful to have the overlay layer mode. I use it to create shadows for our 2D Elevations. So on the screen I can see the transparency of anything stacked behind the overlay layer. However, the elevation does not plot (HP DesignJet 450C) the shadows created in overlay mode. Our Apple LaserWriter 8500 prints the shadows, but they are not transparent. Is overlay mode used ONLY as a presentation tool, and not actually print? Thanks
  6. "Architxt N" is typically what we use in the office and we're having trouble printing it from a HP DesignJet 450C. The font comes out pixelly and isn't as smooth as it use to be. This all happened after the office did a upgrade to OS X and VectorWorks 11. Any suggestions?
  7. I am using Panther 10.3, VW 9.5, but I am having problems printing on a HP Desk Jet 450C as well. I previously found out it was because we had a corrupt font within the file, Univers 55 and Univers 67 CondensedBold. After replacing the font, I was able to print the file. A few prints later, this time in color, the plotter prints out a small strip and the rest is blank. It still cuts it to the right page size though. It shows everything in preview, but won't print properly. And even worse, nothing will print now. The plotter keeps acting up. Any advice?
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